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3K69 - Anritsu GN NetTest CMA4500 SM Fiber OTDR

GN Nettest CMA4500 Singlemode 1310nm / 1550nm Fiber OTDR With Power Meter & VFL

Dynamic Range
SM 1310nm / 1550nm:  37dB / 36dB

Power Meter
- 850nm
- 1300nm
- 1310nm
- 1550nm
- 1625nm

Includes Carrying Case & Accessories As Listed

BC# 14009

CMA 4500 CMA-4500

Condition Refurbished / Calibrated
Warranty 90 Day Exchange
  • GN Nettest CMA4500 Singlemode OTDR (BC# 14009) 
    • Source:
      • 1310nm
      • 1550nm
      • Interchangeable SC Connector
    • Power Meter:
      • 850nm
      • 1300nm
      • 1310nm
      • 1550nm
      • 1625nm
      • Interchangeable SC Connector
    • VFL
  • (2) SM SC-SC Fiber Cables
  • Ethernet Cable
  • (4) Fiber Optic Wipes
  • CMA4500 Quick Reference Guide
  • AC Adapter/Charger
  • Power Cord
  • (4) User Manuals On CD-ROMS
  • Carrying Case w/ Strap


  • Dedicated testing modes provide unparalleled ease-of-use
  • Increase network revenue through accurate fiber characterization
  • Solutions for Metro, CWDM, ultra-long haul and PON based, fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP) deployments
  • Sophisticated analysis software provides consistent and accurate fiber characterization


What if you took the market share leading OTDR and merged it with the industry’s most advanced testing platform? The result is the new CMA 4500.

Building on the success of its award winning CMA 4000 OTDR and CMA 5000 advanced testing platform, NetTest proudly introduces the next generation in OTDR testing - the CMA 4500.

You can have it all with the CMA 4500
A powerful Windows based unit, large high resolution color display that's easy to read indoors or out, touch screen and hard key user interfaces and several optics options to cover any testing requirements from single mode to multimode, from 10 meters to 250 Km. Additional features include USB ports, a 10/100 Ethernet interface and dedicated testing modes for unparalleled ease of use and flexibility.

Whether you're a first time user or industry veteran, the CMA 4500 will take fiber installation, maintenance and documentation of your optical network to a new level.

Added value through performance
As added value, the CMA 4500 can be equipped with a stabilized light source and power meter for complete end-to-end loss testing. In addition, a Visual Fault Locator (VFL) option enables users to visually locate breaks within central offices and quickly identify specific fibers within a cable or splice tray. Round this out with the optional connector inspection microscope to reduce costly and timely troubleshooting of connector related issues and your CMA 4500 quickly becomes the one tool you rely on to get your customers up and running.

Dedicated, User Friendly Software Construct OTDR

Designed for fiber installation and commissioning, Construction mode eliminates the time consuming, repetitive tasks of parameter selection, analyzing and file saving. A wizard guides the user through a couple quick set-up steps, then manages the entire testing operation requiring the user to do little more than connect the next fiber - it even tells you which one to connect. Testing parameters, wavelengths, file storage information and analysis options are configured once to allow the user to concentrate on testing, not button pressing.

Standard OTDR
For experienced users who want more control while performing traditional OTDR functions, Standard OTDR features the ability to manually set all, some or none of the testing parameters providing unsurpassed parameter optimization. Key parameters such as wavelength, pulse width, range/resolution and averaging mode can easily be set via the CMA 4500's touch screen or dedicated hard key interfaces. Data storage can also be configured just the way you like it with virtually no limits on file names, or storage space with the standard 20GB hard drive and your choice of file formats - native NetTest or either revision of the Telcordia universal file format (GR-196 or SR-4731). Additional features such as the ability to overlay up to eight traces simultaneously, four display options and user selectable loss modes ensure that you have all the tools you need to succeed in testing your network.




Processor Ultra low power 733 MHz
RAM 256 MB
Operating System Windows XP Pro
Display 10.4 inch (26.4 cm) color XGA (1024 x 768) LCD with touchscreen interface
Internal Storage 20GB (min) hard drive
Removable Storage (Modular) Optional: CD-R/W, 3.5 inch 1.44 MB floppy drive
Interfaces PS/2 (2), USB (2), 10/100 Ethernet, IrDA
Power Supply Auto switching 92-132 VAC, 184-264 VAC (47-63 Hz)
Dimensions (h x w x d) 24.1 x 34.3 x 9.5 cm (9.5 x 13.5 x 3.75 inches)
Environmental Conditions
Operation: 0° to 45°C (32° to 122°F)
Storage: -25° to 60°C (-13° to 140°F)
Humidity: 95% max, non-condensing
Weight 5.4 kg including battery and optics
Battery Type Li-Ion

Distance Range
Single mode: 5, 20, 50, 75, 125, 250, 300 km
Multimode: 5, 15, 20, 40, 64 km
Sampling Resolution
Single mode: 0.125, 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 m
Multimode: 0.125, 0.5, 1, 2, 4 m
Sampling Points Up to 256,000
Index of Refraction (IOR) Range 1.300000 to 1.700000
Distance Measurement Accuracy 0.0025% of distance measurement ± distance resolution ± index uncertainty
Loss Measurement Accuracy (Linearity) ±0.04 dB/dB
Loss Resolution 0.001 dB
Laser Safety
Meets IEC60825-1 Class I and CDRH Class 1 Requirements (Eye Safe)
21 CFR 1040
Optical Connector
Singlemode: Universal with UFC, USC, UST, AFC, ASC, DIN, LC
Multimode: Universal with FC, SC, ST

Operating Modes
Fault Locate, Standard OTDR, Construction (Automated Multi-wavelength, Multi-fiber testing), NetWorks (data processing and report generation)
Optional: Power Meter, Stabilized Light Source, Visual Fault Locator (VFL), Video
Inspection Probe (VIP)
Fiber Type Single-mode (8-10µm)
Dynamic Range 1310 nm: 37 dB
1550 nm: 36 dB
Deadzone (Back Scattered) 1310 nm: 9 m
1550 nm: 9 m
Pulsewidth 5 ns to 20 µs


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