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3K38 - Anritsu MT9083A8 Singlemode Fiber OTDR

Anritsu MT9083A8 Singlemode Fiber 1310nm / 1550nm OTDR
Dynamic Range
1310/1550nm : 38/36.5dB
This Unit Is Brand New & Comes With A 1 Year Warranty

Condition New / Calibrated
Warranty 1 Year
  • Anritsu MT9083A8 Singlemode Fiber OTDR

Optical fibers are a key technology in today’s modern communications systems, including access networks such as FTTx, CATV, and optical LANs. Moreover, optical-fiber technologies are playing increasingly important roles in mobile communications and digital broadcasting systems. Technicians maintaining these diverse systems are forced to carry a large variety of test equipment on-site, including OTDRs, Light Sources, Optical Power Meters, Visible Light Sources, etc., as well as a notebook computer for evaluating the FTTx QoS. On the other hand, fiber construction requires measuring instruments with different functions and performance. As an example, FTTx access networks use single mode (SM) fiber whereas optical LANs use multimode (MM) fiber. In addition, core and backbone networks utilize long fibers while optical access networks use short fibers, both requiring different types of measuring instruments with different performance. But now Anritsu’s new line of MT9083A ACCESS Master OTDRs solves all these problems by providing all the measurement functions and performance required for optical fiber construction and maintenance in a compact, lightweight, all-in-one unit that eliminates the burden of carrying many different test sets and instruments on-site. Whatever your work, construction or maintenance, long haul or intra-building, Anritsu has an MT9083A model for your needs.

Key Features

  • Ready to test in less than 15 seconds…and all day without recharging
  • Specialized testing modes simplify operation
  • High resolution and high dynamic range ensure thorough and complete fiber evaluation
  • Intelligent analysis software identifies problem splices, connectors and even macrobends
  • Rugged, sealed design provides years of service in the most challenging environments
  • IP testing option verifies throughput, frame loss and point-to-point connectivity
  • Test up to four wavelengths with a single unit-single mode, multimode or both
  • Unique in-service testing without the need for external filters


Designed with the Features that Matter Most

When buying products, you tend to choose ones that are innovative and from established companies.When you need to install and maintain optical networks, this should also apply. With over 50 years of combined OTDR design, Anritsu, which now includes NetTest, delivers the features that matter.

Having been in the test and measurement business for a long time, we understand that things like performance, portability, reliability, easy operation and of course price are important.

Quick Startup
The MT9083A is ready for measurement just 15 seconds after power-on so productive work can start immediately.

Long Battery Life
Since AC power is not always available where you need it, especially at fiber pedestals, the MT9083A typically provides up to 8 hours of operation on a single charge. This coupled with an optional car cord (for cigarette lighter operation) guarantees the MT9083A is ready when you are.

With its light weight design and user friendly dimensions, the MT9083A is perfect for the outside plant environment and can easily be managed with one hand. The shoulder strap (part of the protector option) further increases portability when traveling from the truck to the testing site.

The MT9083A features a solid casework with no fans or vents to keep dust or moisture from entering the unit.In addition, the protector option (MT9083A-010) includes rubber bumpers and a display cover for additional protection from those minor mishaps.

Generous Data Storage
With the ability to store up to 1,000 traces in internal memory and up to 30,000 via a USB device, the MT9083A offers plenty of storage for collecting and managing data.

No Experience Required
With the MT9083A, the experience is built in. With specialized testing modes, automatic parameter selection, PASS/FAIL indicators as well as features to virtually eliminate the chance to get “bad” results, the MT9083A can make anyone seems like a 20 year veteran. It’s not called the ACCESS Master for nothing!

Easy “drag and drop” File Transfers
When the MT9083A is connected to a PC via a USB cable, the internal memory of the ACCESS Master can be directly accessed. Data can be selected, dragged and dropped into the PC memory, greatly simplifying file transfers.The MT9083A also supports use of USB memory sticks.

Common OTDR Data Format
The MT9083A supports the universal Telcordia SR-4731 (issue 2) format making it compatible with not only legacy Anritsu and NetTest products, but with many other vendors data.

Free and Simple Software Upgrades
Firmware upgrades are easily performed via USB and available from the Anritsu website for registered users or through Anritsu customer support.


Compact, Light Weight and All-in-one

With its versatile built-in functions, the MT9083A offers the ideal solution for efficient optical fiber construction and maintenance.

All-in-one Test Set

The MT9083A delivers full featured OTDR performance plus loss test set and quality of service measurement in a surprisingly small and lightweight package. At only 28.4 cm wide x20 cm tall x7.7 cm deep and 2.2 kg (4.8 lbs.), it is field portable, yet rugged enough to withstand the outside plant environment.When equipped with power meter, visual light source and IP test options, it replaces several, larger pieces of test equipment.


Exceptional OTDR Perforrmance…
from the World’s First OTDR Manufacturer

Evaluation of access networks ranging from a few kilometers to metro networks reaching up to 100 km in length is becoming commonplace, requiring OTDRs to have the performance and functions for evaluating both short and long fibers. Designed with this in mind, the ACCESS Master delivers on both fronts.

Improved Short Fiber Analysis
An event dead zone of less than 1m (80 cm typical) and a sampling resolution of 5 centimeters allow the MT9083A to evaluate connections and troubleshoot central office, FTTx and intra-building faults with ease – providing a level of detail never before seen.

Active fiber check
Not only can OTDR measurements be effected when the optical fiber is in-service but there is a potential risk of damage to the transmitter and OTDR receiver. To prevent these problems, the MT9083A verifies if light is present before starting measurement and will not transmit if it is. An onscreen warning and internal OTDR protection are also part of this useful feature.

Waveform Comparison Function
Compare current and stored trace data to easily assess changes over time and to locate problems before they effect service or compare traces at different wavelengths to identify installation issues such as macrobending.

Integrated Macrobend Detection
With many technicians making the switch from copper installations to optical fiber, installation issues such as macrobends are bound to occur. To help prevent this, Anritsu has developed a macrobend detection feature for the MT9083A that will alert technicians when a possible macrobend is present. This provides a higher quality of service for the customer and eliminates costly troubleshooting for you.

Extended Range Testing of 100+ km Fibers
In addition to its superb high-resolution performance, the MT9083A also features up to 38.5dB of dynamic range allowing it to easily test 100+ km spans making it a very useful tool for any network type.

Event Table with User Defined Thresholds
PASS/FAIL thresholds for key acceptance criteria such as splice loss, connector loss and reflectance can be set in the MT9083A allowing technicians to easily assess a fiber’s condition. Failing values are clearly highlighted in the event table alerting technicians of potential problems.

Multiple Wavelengths and Models
With nine available wavelengths spanning both single mode and multimode, the ACCESS Master MT9083A is sure to meet your individual needs. Up to four of these wavelengths can be combined into a single optical output providing full spectrum characterization.

Wavelengths for Today’s Networks
Sometimes you just need more than the traditional 1310 and 1550 nm wavelengths to certify your next generation networks. The MT9083A offers a host of specialized wavelengths including1383 nm for water peak verification of CWDM carrying fibers, 1650 nm (with integrated filter) for live fiber troubleshooting, 1490 nm for verification of voice, data and IP based video services and 780 nm for in-service troubleshooting of FTTx networks - without the need for any additional filters.


Solutions for Various Measurement Needs

Products that offer many features are often complicated to use. The MT9083A however, simplifies operation by offering taskspecific testing modes that automate testing and guide novice users. Dedicated testing modes are available for fault location, cable installation, loss budget testing, visual fault location and IP testing.

Simple Operation
To simplify testing, the MT9083A features dedicated measurement modes via the top menu to automate and simplify the task at hand.

Fault Location
FAULT LOCATE mode is designed for the novice or someone who only uses an OTDR occasionally. Simply connect the fiber and press START. The unit will verify the fiber is connected correctly, select testing parameters and provide a text response indicating fault/break location - easy to read results for any skill level.

General OTDR Testing
For those who have more experience or would like to perform more advanced testing, STANDARD OTDR mode allows the user to set all parameters and compare traces manually, automatically or somewhere in between.

Optical Fiber Construction and Certification (Planned)
When final cable acceptance is the task at hand, CONSTRUCTION mode greatly simplifies operation through its innovative wizard. Select the required testing wavelengths, number of fibers and file naming scheme and construction mode acts as the project manager guiding the user through the testing, while ensuring consistency with testing parameters and filenames - virtually eliminating user induced errors and missing files.

Whatever your construction or maintenance needs, the new ACCESS Master MT9083A is designed to reduce the time to install, commission and maintain your optical networks – without breaking your budget.

NETWORKS PC Software for Analysis and Reporting
Once the data is collected, NetWorks PC emulation software makes analysis and report generation a breeze. Professional reports including splice loss, fiber acceptance and exceptions as well as various printing options are possible with only a few mouse clicks.


A True all-in-one Tester

An OTDR, Optical Power Meter, Visible Light Source, and IP tester are built into Anritsu’s compact, light-weight MT9083A supporting tasks ranging from searching for faults in optical fibers to QoS evaluation to FTTx troubleshooting with just one unit.

Complete Loss Test Set Features

Standard Stabilized Light Source
The OTDR port also functions as a stabilized light source providing continuous wave, 270Hz, 1kHz and 2kHz modulations for easy fiber identification. This is standard equipment on all models - a chargeable option on most other OTDRs.

Standard Integrated Power Meter
In the base unit, the OTDR port also functions as an integrated power meter for verification of optical power levels. Additional power meter options are available for higher power transmissions and loop-back testing.

Visual Laser Source for easy fault location and fiber identification
A Visible Light Source is useful for tracking down bad connections, splices and fiber management issues such as macrobends. The optional Visible Light Source is factory installed in the MT9083A and features up to 5 km (3 miles) of operation.

Optical Power Meter Options - up to +30 dBm
In place of the standard power meter, the MT9083A offers three optional optical power meters; one supports both SM and MM fibers (MT9083A-003) while the others feature higher measurement range for SM only applications (-004, -005). When measurement of high optical powers, typically more than +20 dBm (like those used by CATV companies) is required, power meter (Option 005) using an optical integrator sphere can be used to make long-term measurements with high stability at levels above +30 dBm.

Data Table for Saved Results
Loss test set measurements for multiple wavelengths can be saved into a results table for easy comparison and archiving. The table can also be saved as a text file and exported to a PC spreadsheet program for further manipulation or integration into a standard company template.


Optical Access Network QoS Evaluation Using IP Testing (Planned)

Faults that cause drops in FTTx service speed are handled differently according to whether the cause is outside or inside the building. In addition, business users are starting to think about guaranteed bandwidth services and higher-speed gigabit services. The MT9083A has a built-in IP Network Connection Check function that can be used for both optical fibers and optical access QoS evaluation.

Connection and Ping Tests
The first step in testing a service is to verify continuity. The built-in IP Connection Test Function supports both PPPOE and DHCP services.

FTTx Download Speed Evaluation
FTTx service performance is easily evaluated from the download throughput. Previous evaluation systems were always limited by the PC performance (CPU speed, memory size, OS, load) and never provided accurate measurements. Using the MT9083A Download Throughput Measurement function frees the results from the impact of PC performance and provides accurate results. This allows the causes of drops in FTTx service speeds to be pinpointed to the network side or the user’s PC side.

Throughput Measurement and Frame Counter
The MT9083A has a two-way throughput measurement function for efficient evaluation of guaranteed bandwidth services. When an MT9083A is connected to each end of the service, both the upload and download speeds can be evaluated. And since the built-in frame counter functions can be used to measure received frame types and to count error frames, network usage efficiency can be measured easily too.

Gigabit Ethernet Support
The MT9083A has an optional built-in 1000Base-T electrical interface for evaluating Gigabit Ethernet throughput (up to full line rate) for verifying performance on increasing common Gigabit Ethernet service

Faults Identified
When issues are present, possible causes are displayed onscreen to help isolate the source of the problem.


Dimensions and Mass  Without protector (option 010)   Size: 270 (W) x 165 (H) x 61 (D) mm 
Weight: 2.2 kg (4.8 lbs) including battery 
With protector (option 010)  Size: 284 (W) x 200 (H) x 77(D) mm 
Weight: 2.9 kg (6.4 lbs) including battery 
Display  6.5 inch TFT-LCD (640x480, with backlight, transparent type)  
Interface  USB 1.1, TypeA x1 (memory), Type Bx1 (USB mass storage).  
Data Storage  Internal memory: 20 MB (~1000 traces), External memory (USB): ~30,000 traces with 512 MB  
Power Supply  12 VDC, 100 to 240 VAC, Allowable input voltage range: 90 to 264 V, 50/60 Hz  
Battery  Type: Lithium ion Operating Time: 8 hours Recharge Time: <5 hours (power off)  
Power Saving Functions  Backlight off: disable/1.99 minutes Auto shutdown: disable/1.99 minutes  
Vertical Scale  0.05, 0.125, 0.25, 0.5, 1.25, 2.5, 5, 6.5 dB/div  
IOR Setting  1.000000 - 1.999999 (0.000001steps)  
Units  km, m, kft, ft, mi  
Languages  user selectable (English, French, German and Simplified Chinese - contact Anritsu for availability of others)  
Sampling Points.2  Normal: 5001, High density: 20001 or 25001  
Sampling Resolution.3  5 cm (min)  
Reflectance Accuracy  Single mode: ±2 dB 
Distance Accuracy  ±1 m ±3 x measurement distance x 10-5 ± marker resolution (excluding IOR uncertainty)  
Distance Range  Single mode: 0.5, 1, 2.5, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 km (except 780 nm: 0.5, 1, 2.5 km)
Testing Modes  Fault locate: provides end/break location, end to end loss, fiber length
Standard OTDR: user selectable automatic or manual set-up
Construction OTDR: automated, multi-wavelength testing.
Light source: stabilized light source (CW, 270 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz output)
Loss test set (optional): power meter and light source
Power Meter
Visual fault locator (optional): visible red light for fiber identification and troubleshooting  
Fiber Event Analysis  Auto or manual operation, displayed in table format
User defined PASS/FAIL thresholds:
      - reflective and non-reflective events: 0.01 to 9.99 dB (0.01 dB steps)
      - reflectance: 20.0 to 60.0 dB (0.1 dB steps)
      - fiber end/break: 1 to 99 dB (1 dB steps) Number of detected events: up to 99
Macrobend detection  
OTDR Trace Format  Telcordia universal. SOR, issue 2 (SR-4731)  
Other Functions  Real time sweep: 0.15 second
Loss modes: 2 point loss, dB/km, 2 point LSA, splice loss, ORL
Averaging modes: timed (1. 3600 seconds)
Live Fiber detect : verifies presence of communication light in optical fiber
Connection check: Automatic check of OTDR to FUT connection quality
Trace overlay and comparison  
Environmental Conditions  Operating temperature and humidity: 0 to +40C,<80% (non-condensing)
Storage temperature and humidity: .20 to +60C, <80% (non-condensing)
Vibration: Conforming to MIL-T-28800E Class 3
Dust proof: MIL-T-28800E Class 2
Drip proof: IP51 (IEC 60529), JIS C 0920 TYPE I  
EMC  EN61326:1997+A1:1998+A2 : 2001+A3:2003 (Class A, Annex A), EN61000-3-2:2000(Class A)  
LVD  EN61010-1:2001 (Pollution Degree 2)  
Model 053
Wavelength 1310/1550 ±30 nm
Fiber Type Single Mode (SMF) 10/125 µm ITU-T G.652
Pulsewidth 3, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 10000, 20000ns
Dynamic Range 38/36.5dB
Deadzone (Fresnel) =1 m (80 cm typical)
Deadzone (Backscatter) =5/5.5 m

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