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OTDR's Anritsu



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3K16 - Anritsu MW910A SM Fiber OTDR MH937A MH955A MZ146A

Anritsu MW910A OTDR Mainframe With MH937A Singlemode 1310nm Module, MH955A Singlemode 1310nm/1550nm Module & MZ146A DC-AC Inverter

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The Anritsu MW910A is an OTDR with all the features of a full-sized instrument in a surprisingly compact and portable package. It is light weight -- only 13.7 kg but nothing has been sacrificed in performance. The maximum measurement range is 144 km, with a readout resolution down to 1 m. The wide dynamic range permits measurement of various types of losses, and the measured results are displayed digitally.

Anritsu MH937A

Form Factor Module (proprietary interface/bus)
Fiber Type Multimode
Minimum Wavelength 1310 nm
Maximum Wavelength 1310 nm
Maximum Distance Range 144 km
Minimum Distance Resolution 1 m
Maximum Distance Resolution 160 m
Maximum Dynamic Range 15 dB
Minimum Pulse Width 0.1 us
Maximum Pulse Width 2 us
Connector type (main signal) FC(GI)


Anritsu MH955A

Form Factor Module (proprietary interface/bus) 
Fiber Type Singlemode 
Minimum Wavelength 1310 nm 
Maximum Wavelength 1550 nm 
Maximum Distance Range 144 km 
Minimum Distance Resolution 1 m 
Maximum Distance Resolution 160 m 
Maximum Dynamic Range 8 dB 
Minimum Pulse Width 0.1 us 
Maximum Pulse Width 4 us 
Connector type (main signal) FC(SM) 


Anritsu MZ146A

The inverter converts equal into alternating voltage. It functions with 24 and 12 volts.


-  Anritsu MW910A Mainframe
-  Anritsu MH937A Module (1310nm) Singlemode
-  Anritsu MH955A Module (1310nm & 1550nm) Singlemode
-  Anritsu MZ146A DC-AC Inverter
-  (2) AC-DC Power Cord
-  (9) Spare Fuses
-  DC - Jumper Power Cord
-  Power Cord
-  Hard Copy User Manual
-  Anritsu Service Manual
-  Hard Case

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