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Test & Measurement Beckman Easy BOB Series 725


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5C01 - Beckman Industrial Easy Bob Model 725 Breakout Box

Beckman Industrial Easy Bob Model 725 Breakout Box


Computers and computer related devices such as printers, terminals and modems must "talk. to each other. This is almost always done with some type of cable interfacing the various devices within the system. The users of computer equipment utilizing the RS232/CCITT interface specifications will always find a cable between the various devices.
It is important to remember that a breakout box is an instrument that illuminates LED's when there is a signal present. Some users try to make it more complicated than that. It will allow the user to stop (break) that signal, send it straight through the adjoining pin or change the signal to another line (pin). Most Breakout boxes will indicate positive or negative voltage signals too.
The Breakout Box is a very important test tool when transmitting and receiving RS232/CCITT data communications signals. It detects, indicates, displays, breaks, changes and analyzes RS232/CCITT signals going between computer related equipment.


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