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Telecom / Utilities JDSU / Acterna / Wavetek MTS Series MTS 4000



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TU03 - JDSU T-BERD MTS 4000 w/ Copper Service Module

JDSU T-BERD 4000 / MTS-4000 Multiple Services Test Platform with Power Meter & VFL
JDSU 4000-CU-VDSL-INF Copper Service Module with Infineon VDSL/ADSL Interface
Power Meter
- 850nm
- 980nm
- 1300nm
- 1310nm
- 1420nm
- 1450nm
- 1480nm
- 1490nm
- 1550nm
- 1625nm
- 1650nm


The Industry’s First Handheld Tester that Combines Advanced Fiber, Copper, xDSL, and Triple-Play Features

  • Cost-effective, modular, and handheldplatform
  • Large, 7-inch display (touchscreenoption)
  • Flexible connectivity (WiFi/Bluetooth/1 G Ethernet/USB) andscripting capability for automaticdata reporting
  • Up to two embedded modules forsimultaneous testing from thephysical layer to the service layer
  • Fiber features include: OTDR, PONmeter, video inspection scope, lasersource/power meter, and VFL
  • Copper measurements include:volt/ohm meter, TDR, resistive faultlocator, and wideband tones/spectralanalysis up to 30 MHz
  • VDSL and ADSL testing featuresutilize Infineon Technologies chipsetand licensed option for Dr. DSL®diagnostic solutions from Aware,Inc.
  • Triple-play service testing includesIPTV and VoIP measurements fromDSL access interfaces or standardEthernet port
  • Automated scripting capability thatsimplifies testing and reporting
  • Integrated web browser


Remarkable growth in triple-play services has created a complex mix of topologyscenarios for delivering voice, video, and data to the customer. Triple-play servicesrequire highly scalable and resilient infrastructures to deliver a high quality ofexperience (QoE). The increasing complexity and performance requirements oftoday’s access networks puts greater than ever demands on field servicetechnicians.

The JDSU T-BERD®/MTS-4000 offers the first multi-test platform that addressesthe complete requirements of field service technicians entrusted with theinstallation and maintenance of leading-edge fiber- and copper-based digitalsubscriber line (DSL) access networks and triple-play services.

The T-BERD/MTS-4000 gives service providers the power of a single instrumentthat provides complete triple-play access network and services testing, thusdramatically improving productivity. This one tool lets technicians completeservice calls faster with fewer call-backs (repeats), because it quickly identifies thecauses of nearly every possible problem. The modular design of the tester enablesmaximum flexibility and upgradeability and seamless support for futurerequirements and new testing capabilities, which provides continuous return oninvestment (RoI).

The lightweight T-BERD/MTS-4000 features a wide 7-inch color display with atouchscreen option that lets technicians easily view an actual Internet Protocoltelevision (IPTV) stream, web browser, or complex test results, such as an opticaltime domain reflectometry (OTDR) trace or spectrum analysis waveformanalysis.

Its unprecedented connectivity capabilities give the T-BERD/MTS-4000 platformmore uses than other test equipment with features and functionalities, such asremote assistance, remote control, testing automation, and wireless connection,making it an ideal companion in the field.


Install and Qualify the Fiber/Copper Architecture

The T-BERD/MTS-4000 provides thefull range of capabilities needed to testtoday’s various leading-edge fiber (FTTx)and copper access networks plus theexpandability needed to test the nextgeneration. The variety of testing technologiesoffered by the T-BERD/MTS-4000provide all of the testing functions thattechnicians need at every stage of thenetwork life cycle in a single, compact, andrugged unit:

  • Inspect and qualify optical connectorswith a fiber inspection probe.
  • Qualify the output power levels ofthe optical line termination (OLT)/central office (CO) switch with a powermeter (for a standard or passive opticalnetwork [PON]).
  • Ensure end-to-end fiber connectivitywith a loss test set and/or visual faultlocator (VFL).
  • Qualify and troubleshoot fiber networkswith an OTDR.
  • Qualify and troubleshoot copperlines with a full suite of tests,including voltage current, resistance,opens, balance, load coil detection,plain old telephone service (POTS),tones, noise, spectral, time domainreflectometry (TDR), and RFL.
  • Qualify xDSL for network support ofADSL through very high bit-rateDSL (VDSL2).


Turn Up the Services

Physical layer testing in the accessnetwork does not reveal all of the qualityof service (QoS) issues that impactpacket-based triple-play applications.Turning up triple-play services andassuring QoS is a multifaceted processthat requires comprehensive and exactingattentionto detail.TheT-BERD/MTS-4000provides a full collection of physical andtriple-play service testing features to ensureproper installation, provisioning, andmaintenance of reliable networks thatconsistently provide high-quality tripleplayservices.

  • Validate the output power levels ofthe optical network terminal (ONT)with a standard or PONpowermeter.
  • Validate Ethernet cable with TDR;fault, polarity, and skew results forGigabit Ethernet (GigE).
  • Validate Ethernet with ping, traceroute, and file transfer protocol/hypertext transfer protocol (FTP/HTTP) tests.
  • Simulate customer and test servicestests at the ONT using a browser toconfigure and then test triple-playservices suite.
  • Validate voice over Internet Protocol(VoIP) with test results, includingboth R-factor and Mean OpinionScore (MOS) as well as content,transport, transaction, and physicallink quality.
  • Validate IPTV with test features thatcan simulate IPTV by displayingthe status of 6 simultaneous streamsin terminate mode or 10 in monitormode and can decode and displayI-frames, packet loss analysis, QoStimeline, and jitter graphs.


Troubleshoot the Network

Troubleshooting the access network isthe most challenging field service taskfacing today’s telecommunications operators.Faults can come from almostanywhere including problems withtriple-play services, the copper or fiberalong the network, copper or fiber in thecustomer’s premises, home wiring, theset top box or ONT, or customer’s setup,such as a misconfigured personalcomputer (PC). In addition, the networkextends over a wide geographic area andcan be difficult to access, being close toor inside the customer premises.

Field service technicians who typicallyfocus on a single application—usuallycopper, fiber, or triple-play services—now must expand their skill set to addresstoday’s expansive range of possibleproblems.The T-BERD/MTS-4000 equipstechnicians with the ideal tool, becauseit provides all of the functionalityneeded to validate and troubleshootTriple-Play networks and services,such as:

  • Testing the ONT using a browserand Triple-Play test suite tovalidate services
  • Performing golden modem operationto troubleshoot common DSL problems
  • Offering complete copper testing toisolate and resolve copper spanproblems
  • Troubleshooting optical connectorswith a fiber inspection probe
  • Determining equipment opticalinput/output power levels of the ONT using the standard or PONpower meter
  • Conducting fiber fault locationand troubleshooting with an inservice OTDR and VFL


Manage the Process

Fiber optic and copper FTTx access networks and triple-play services present a greatertesting challenge to service technicians than ever before. The T-BERD/MTS-4000platform provides all of the testing capabilities needed to meet this challenge plusinnovative connectivity and automation capabilities thatmake it possible to lower costsand reduce the possibility of errors.The T-BERD/MTS-4000 can also interface directlywith automated workforce management solutions that are capable of managing thetesting process, yielding substantial improvements in operational efficiency.

Technicians can utilize the T-BERD/MTS-4000 browser letting them connect to theInternet to verify data services, contact online assistance, and download referencetraces and settings from a database. A 10/100/GigE and WiFi connection providesInternet connectivity. WiFi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity makes it easy totransfer data, such as results files, fromthe T-BERD/MTS-4000 platformto a laptopor personal data assistant (PDA) without the need for a cable or client application.Technicians can also use the test platform for e-mail or FTP communications suchas sending measurement results. A PDF/HTML viewer is provided to view documentsand manuals.

Internet connectivity can also be used to take full control of the T-BERD/MTS-4000froma remote location,making it possible to leverage the expertise of a single seniortechnician who can provide remote assistance without traveling to the customersite. Automatic software updates allow for keeping pace with test technologychanges and new test scripts.

The T-BERD/MTS-4000 lets technicians create scripts to automate testingprocedures making their jobs simpler and thus improving productivity,completeness, and accuracy. It also promotes easy implementation and enforcementof defined best practices that can ensure best-in-class service to customers andreduce churn.

Built-in intelligence manages the instrument through the test setup, execution,results storage, and results upload processes. It simplifies complex processes, whichare often reduced to the single push of a button. The new tester provides a widerange of connectivity options,making it easy to integrate scripts with the back officeto easily document, audit, and compare results against benchmarks.

Using the T-BERD/MTS-4000 automation features guarantee adherence to providersetthresholds for service performance. JDSU customers have achieved substantialsavings in time and money through automation of service turn-up and repair.


One Tool for Fiber,Copper, xDSL, and Services

The T-BERD/MTS-4000 provides an integrated approach toward field testingwith test support for specific application uses. Field-swappable modules areavailable for multi-service testing, and as many as two modules can runsimultaneously.

Bringing Fiber, Copper, and Triple-Play Services TestingCloser Together
In leading-edge fiber- and copper-based DSL access networks fiber and coppercoexist. Technicians may have to test both fiber and copper throughout thenetwork. The JDSU T-BERD/MTS-4000 offers test performance unlike whattechnicians have experienced previously: fiber-only testing, copper/xDSL-onlytesting with triple-play services, and fiber/copper/xDSL testing with triple-playservices.

Complete Fiber Optics Test Solution
During FTTx network installation and maintenance, field technicians mustaccurately and completely characterize the fiber link. In addition to built-infunctionality, the T-BERD/MTS-4000 meets advanced fiber test needs.

The T-BERD/MTS-4000 has built-in, basic fiber optic test options for quick andeasy verification of fiber links:

  • Power level measurement: The broadband power meter lets technicians easilyverify the presence of a signal. This meter covers 850 to 1550 nm over a range of+10 to ?60 dBm.
  • Visual fault location: The VFL enables easy and visual break localization andnetwork connectivity check.
  • Optical connector inspection via USB interface: The optional Inspect BeforeYou Connect fiber inspection probe enables quick and easy control of connectorend faces.

The T-BERD/MTS-4000 also has these dedicated fiber optic modules available:

  • Last Mile OTDR Module with built-in loss test set option: Suits the installation,turn-up, and maintenance testing of Access/FTTx networks and featuresindustry-leading OTDR performance. It offers up to three simultaneous testwavelengths (between 1310, 1550, 1625, and 1650 nm) and can perform out-ofserviceas well as in-service PON testing.Using the same port as the OTDR, a losttest set is also available to easily perform quick fiber identification, power level,and insertion loss measurements.
  • PON Selective Power Meter Module: Analyzes FTTx/PON-based systems andoffers Through Mode testing that allows simultaneous measurement of PONdownstream wavelengths (1490 and 1550 nm) and the upstream wavelength(1310 nm). Themodule also offers a BurstMode function that supports analysisat 1310 nm. Pre-define pass/fail thresholds on the instrument to simplifymeasurements and ensure easy-to-interpret results, while the module GUIensures that users will not miss the temporary collapsing signal.

The JDSU FiberTrace and FiberCable PC analysis software transfers data and generatescomprehensive reports.The proof-of-performance report can be easily customized, forinstance to include pass/fail indicators for quick analysis of problemareas.


Complete Copper/Triple-Play Services Test Solution
Copper technologies and services in access networks evolve quickly because ofconsumer demand for high-speed Internet access, video on demand, and otherapplications. As a result, network operators must equip crews with one scalable,easy-to-use test tool that performs fast, accuratemeasurements under any condition.

The T-BERD/MTS-4000 has built-in and optional features for comprehensivecopper testing and Internet Protocol (IP) service-level testing:

  • Complete Copper Testing: Perform copper testing, including digital volt-ohmmeter (DVOM), time division reflectometry, wideband transmissionimpairment measurement set (TIMS), spectral noise, and resistive fault locator(RFL). Wideband test capabilities allow for copper troubleshooting and linequalifications testing up to 30 MHz for VDSL services.
  • xDSL Testing: Verify the circuit and service with modem emulation andreplacement for asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL), ADSL2, ADSL2+,and VDSL2. Aware’s Technician Dr. DSL lets field technicians troubleshootcommon DSL problems through source identification and calculating the datarate impact of each disturber.
  • Triple-Play Testing: Conduct advanced tests for the installation andmaintenance of DSL and PON-based Triple Play. Turn-up and troubleshootIPTV services that carry video program content over access networks, includingsupport for all video QoS measurements.
  • VoIP Testing: Turn up and troubleshoot VoIP service connectivity; featureavailability and voice quality; and conduct IP ping, packet statistic, and traceroute analysis to identify, diagnose, and sectionalize VoIP network andequipment problems.


The Ideal Platform for Testing Next-GenerationAccess Networks and Services

Complete All-in-One FTTx Network Test Solution
The T-BERD/MTS-4000 targets field technicians whomust performmultilayer testsstarting from the physical layer, with both copper and optical fiber qualification, toWifi, Ethernet, xDSL as well as IP triple-play tests (IP video, VoIP, and IP Data).

In one unit, the T-BERD/MTS-4000 includes all the features of the complete FiberOptics Test Solution and the complete Copper/Triple-Play Services test solution.

Both the Fiber Optics or Copper/Triple-Play Services test solutions can be upgradedlater to the all-in-one platform.

Ensuring a positive customer experience requires testing the access network and theservices before the customer uses them. The T-BERD/MTS-4000 provides a singleplatform that deliver complete testing of copper- and fiber-based access networksand services with the highest levels of performance, convenience, and upgradeabilityon the market.


Copper Services Module



  • Qualify and troubleshoot twistedpair copper deployments
  • Interoperates with the JDSU Ultra-Fed for single-ended closeout testing
  • Conducts scripted closeout testingwith user-definable Pass/Fail criteria

Key Features

  • Complete copper testing fromPOTS through full-spectrumVDSL/VDSL2 up to 30MHz
  • Time domain reflectometer (TDR) with time-varying gain(TVG) and auto identification
  • Spectral analysis to 30MHz with one-button zoom to VDSLbands and causes of interference
  • JDSU scripting and automated test features that simplifytesting
  • Wideband copper functionality available in combinationwith ADSL/VDSL2 test modules
  • Large, color graphical user interface (GUI) with optionaltouch screen


The JDSU T-BERD/MTS-4000 equipped with the Copper Services Moduledelivers comprehensive copper testing and addresses the distinct requirements ofvery high-speed digital subscriber line (VDSL) deployment and maintenance. TheT-BERD/MTS-4000 is a rugged, modular platform engineered with a 7-inch colordisplay, long battery life, and weather-resistant design for outstanding performanceand reliability in the field. The Copper Services Module brings the functionality tothe platform that service providers need to mitigate the significant challenge ofVDSL rollout and maintenance in various fiber (FTTx) deployments.

Traditionally, the copper plant has not been qualified to withstand the stringentneeds of VDSL service delivery. The new spectrum that VDSL uses introducesmore rigorous and stringent requirements than previously seen in the installedplant. VDSL testing has shown that the plant is susceptible to impulse noise notencountered in the current asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) usagespectrum. In addition, the detection of short bridged taps, which create a muchgreater impact on VDSL signals than on ADSL signals, becomes more critical inVDSL testing. The T-BERD/MTS-4000 Copper Services Module tests to thesestandards and more to qualify and troubleshoot the copper for service.

The T-BERD/MTS-4000 is easily upgradeable with advanced options that supportthe industry’s changing technologies and the evolving needs of service installers. Itsdynamic configurability allows technicians with varying responsibilities to use it toperform a wide range of tests. Standard Ethernet and universal serial bus (USB) oroptional Wireless Fidelity (WiFi) and Bluetooth connections offer flexibility to easilydownload software and offload captured test data to improve workforce productivityand baseline network performance.



Fully compatible with the T-BERD/MTS-4000 mainframe, the dual-bay CopperServices Module can be optioned with a VDSL modem to provide support forADSL1/2/2+, VDSL1, and VDSL/VDSL2 triple-play deployments. The CopperServices Module features dual Tip (A) and Ring (B) (T&R, A&B) and Ground(Earth) interfaces. For the most accurate results, technicians can use speciallyinsulated cables to test higher-frequency services, such as VDSL2. The 4000 can alsobe used in combination with the JDSU Ultra Far End Device (UltraFED) for oneperson turn-up or trouble isolation.


Overview of Copper Tests

Today’s copper network requires rigorous testing. The T-BERD/MTS-4000 equipped with Copper Services Modules performs these essential tests and more:

Copper Test  Test Function  What it Tests  Why it is Needed  Fault impact 
DVOM  DSL service qualification and troubleshooting  DC/AC voltage, loop current, loop resistance, distance-to-short, leakage  Overall copper health  No DSL synchronization or low data rate 
Opens  DSL service qualification and troubleshooting  Capacitance, loop length  Cable damage, loop length acceptable for DSL  The longer the cable, the higher the attenuation, and the lower the data rate 
Load Coil  DSL service qualification and troubleshooting  Presence of load coils and location  Load coils act as low-pass filters and must be removed  Load coils prevent DSL service 
POTS  DSL with POTS service installation and troubleshooting  Placing a POTS call  Connectivity to exchange  No POTS 
Balance  DSL service qualification and troubleshooting  Longitudinal balance, Resistive balance, Capacitive balance  Robustness against noise  Noise decreases the bits-per-tone load/data rate 
Noise  DSL service qualification and troubleshooting  Noise with specific band filters  External noise corrupts good data  Noise decreases the bits-per-tone load/data rate 
Impulse Noise  DSL troubleshooting  Voltage spikes above specific thresholds  Intermittent effects that cannot be corrected by forward error correction (FEC)  Impulse noise may lead to continuity errors including IPTV pixilation and data retransmission 
Loss  DSL service qualification and troubleshooting  Rx/Tx Tones  Attenuation of copper cable  Reduced DSL data rate 
SNR  DSL service qualification and troubleshooting  Signal compared to noise level  Enough margin to sustain data rate in changing conditions  Temporary loss of signal or reduced data rate possible 
Return Loss  DSL service qualification and troubleshooting  Impedance mismatch  Impedance mismatch—using multiple cable types, causes energy to reflect  Reduced data rate 
Near-End Crosstalk (NEXT)  DSL troubleshooting  Noise from near-end  Impact of multiple broadband services  Reduced data rate 
Far-End Crosstalk (FEXT)    Noise from far-end  in the cable   
Spectral Analysis  DSL troubleshooting  Spectral noise per frequency  Identify the characteristics of a noise source to fix the problem  Reduced data rate 
TDR  DSL troubleshooting  Impedance anomaly and location  Detect and locate faults such as opens, shorts, bridged taps, and wet sections  No sync or reduced data rate 
RFL  DSL troubleshooting  Pair under test against a reference using ohmmeter  Resistive fault detection and location  Reduced data rate 



DVO M Measurements
AC voltage 0 to 300 V peak (1% ±0.5 V)
DC voltage 0 to 300 RMS (1% ±0.5 V)
DC current 0 to 110 mA (1% ±0.5 mA)
Resistance 0 to 999 MO
Resistance accuracy 0 to 9999 O (1% ±5 O)
10 to 99.9 kO (±1%)
100 to 999 kO (±3%)
1 to 9.9 MO (±3%)
Leakage (test voltage 130 V) 0 to 1 GO
Ground check 0 to 500 O (±1 O)
Distance to short distance calculation based on resistance,
temperature, and wire gauge
Opens Measurement
Displays the line capacitance or the calculated distance based
on selected cable parameters
Distance range 0 to 30 km (0 to 100 kft)
Accuracy 0 to 6 km (20 kft), (±2%)
Noise and Balance
Longitudinal balance 28 to 95 dB
Noise (voice band, C filter/psopho) 0 to 50 dBrnC
(equivalent to –90 to –40 dBm)
Power (mains) influence 40 to 120 dBrnC
(equivalent to –50 to +30 dBm)
Load coil detection/count 0 to 3 coils
Caller ID day, name, phone number, raw data
Phone feature pulse or DTMF phone
TDR (optional)
Extra Short range 0 to 305 m (1 kft)
Short range TDR 0 to 600 m (0 to 2 kft)
Medium range TDR 30 m to 2.5 km (100 ft to 8 kft)
Long range TDR 300 m to 6.1 km (1 to 20 kft)
Vp range (velocity of propagation) 0.300 to 0.999 gain/zoom
HORZ (distance) manual
VERT (amplitude) manual or automatic TVG
Graphical display, dual-trace display, and cursor operation for
comparison with stored traces
Resistive Fault Location (optional)
Test methods single pair and separate pair hookup
Fault size (RF) 0 to 20 MO
Fault location accuracy 0 to 99 O (0.1% +0.1 O +RF/10 M)
100 to 999 O (0.2% +0.1 O+RF/3.5 M)
Loop size up to 7000 O
Spectral Noise
Frequency L evel Range L evel Range L evel Accuracy Resolution
Range (Hz) (dBm) (dBm/Hz*) (dB) (Hz)
10 to 1500 +30 to –80 +28 to –82 ±2 1.5
200 to 20k +13 to –50 5 to –58 ±2 15
*dB,/Hz = dBm – 10 log (FFT bin bandwidth)
Narrowband Transmit
Frequency Frequency L evel Range L evel L evel Accuracy
Range (Hz) Accuracy (Hz) (dBm) Resolution (dB) (dB)
200 to 20,000 ±1 –40 to +6 1 ±0.5
200 to 1,000 ±1 +6 to +10 1
1,000 to 20,000 ±1 +6 to +10 1 ±0.5
Narrowband Receive
Frequency Frequency L evel Range L evel L evel Accuracy
Range (Hz) Accuracy (Hz) (dBm) Resolution (dB) (dB)
200 to 20,000 ±1 0 to –50 1 ±0.5
Narrowband Impedance
Frequency Frequency L evel Range L evel L evel Accuracy
Range (Hz) Accuracy (Hz) (dBm) Resolution (dB) (dB)
200 to 20,000 ±1 0 to 10000 O .1 O ±0.5
Narrowband Return Loss
Frequency Frequency L evel Range L evel L evel Accuracy
Range (Hz) Accuracy (Hz) (dBm) Resolution (dB) (dB)
200 to 20,000 ±1 0 to -50 .1 O ±0.5
Narrowband Filters
Filter Spec Lower Upper
No Filter None 175Hz 4940 Hz 175Hz 4940 Hz
C-message IEEE Std 743-1995 690 Hz 3000 Hz
Psophometric O.41 530 Hz 2000 Hz
Channel O.41 275 Hz 3450 Hz
O.71 Flat 0.71 200 Hz 3900 Hz
O.71 Optional Flat O.71 600 Hz 3000 Hz
1020 Notch O.132 860 Hz 1180 Hz
820 Notch O.132 690 Hz 1000 Hz
1004 Notch None 853 Hz 1173 Hz
Wideband Transmit
Frequency Frequency Frequency L evel Range L evel L evel
Range Resolution Accuracy Resolution Accuracy
10 kHz to 30 MHz 1 kHz 0.05% 15 to –40 dBm 1 dBm ±1 dB
Wideband Receive
Frequency Frequency Frequency L evel Range L evel L evel
Range Resolution Accuracy Resolution Accuracy
10 kHz to 30 MHz 100 Hz 0.06% ±180 Hz 15 to 10 dBm 0.1 dBm Indicator only
10 kHz to 30 MHz 100 Hz 0.06% ±180 Hz 10 to –70 dBm 0.1 dBm ±1 dB
10 kHz to 30 MHz 100 Hz 0.06% ±180 Hz –70 to –90 dBm 0.1 dBm ±2 dB



  • JDSU T-BERD 4000 Multiple Services Test Platform
    • VFL
    • Power Meter
      • 850nm
      • 980nm
      • 1300nm
      • 1310nm
      • 1420nm
      • 1450nm
      • 1480nm
      • 1490nm
      • 1550nm
      • 1625nm
      • 1650nm
  • JDSU 4000-CU-VDSL-INF Copper Service Module with Infineon VDSL/ADSL Interface
  • JDSU HST-000-712-01 Cable
  • JDSU HST-000-711-01 Cable
  • Acterna HST-000-463-03 Cable
  • Fiber Cables:
    • (2) SM SC-SC
    • (2) MM SC-SC
  • AC Adapter/Charger
  • Power Cord
  • Stylus
  • Cat5e Patch Cable
  • JDSU 4000 Platform Getting Started Guide
  • JDSU T-BERD/MTS-4000 Safety & Compliance Info
  • JDSU T-BERD/MTS-4000 Software Option Intructions
  • User Manual On CD-ROM
  • Carrying Case w/ Strap

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