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LAN Cable Certifiers Ideal Wavetek Certifiers LANTEK Cable Analyzer Lantek 6A



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1L27 - IDEAL LANTEK 6A Cat5e Cat6a Cable Tester Certifier

IDEAL LanTek 6A Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a Digital LAN Cable Analyzer

Test, Certify & Print Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 & Cat6a Cable Installations up to 500Mhz!


Includes Hard Carrying Case & Accessories As Listed

BC# 5865A 5865B

Price: $3,995.00 / Each

Condition Refurbished / Calibrated
Warranty 90 Day Exchange
  • IDEAL Lantek 6A Main (BC# 5865A) 
  • IDEAL Lantek 6A Remote (BC# 5865B) 
  • (2) IDEAL Cat6A Adapters P/N: 0012-00-0656H
  • IDEAL P/N: 0012-00-0642 Battery Charger w/ AC Adapter
  • (2) Ethernet Cables
  • USB 3.0 Flash Adapter
  • eFilm Compact Flash Adapter
  • eFilm 32 MB Flash Card
  • (2) Headset/Talksets w/Case
  • IDEAL Data Center Software
  • (2) Battery Packs
  • (2) AC Adapter/Chargers
  • (2) Power Cords
  • RS232 PC Interface Cable
  • USB PC Interface Cable
  • Hard Copy User Manual
  • (2) Straps For Units
  • Hard Carrying Case


  • DUALmode Testing to save Time: Reports channel and permanent link test results simultaneously
  • Test with Patchcords toSave Money: Performs CAT5e/6/6a/ISO-D/E/Ea testing with standard patchords to reach the lowest cost of ownership
  • The Industries first Certifier designed specifically to support the emerging Category 6a cabling standard
  • Certifies to 500MHz to support 10 gigabi ethernet (10GbE) applications
  • Includes new high performance adapters that support channel and permanent link certification of TIA5e/6/6a and ISO D/E/Ea UTP and STP cabling
  • Meets proposed Level IIIe accuracy requirements
  • Independently verified by ETL for baseline, channel and permanent link accuracy

LANTEK offers a family of high performance cable certification testers to support a full range of LAN cable testing. The LANTEK family of certification testers uses the IDEAL patented measurement system that removes the effects of ordinary patchcords, thus making channel and permanent link certification of a cable standard such as CAT6a or ISO-F possible without changing adapters. The same patented technology also makes DUALmode Testing possible so the users can get any two test results simultaneously. As a result, the LANTEKs save you money and time on the job.

LANTEK 6A 500MHz is designed to support the emerging CAT6a Standard to certify LAN cabling to support applications up to 10G Ethernet.

The Only Tester in the World to Support DUALmode Testing to Save Time and Labor

Save time and money by simultaneously conducting any combination of two tests with LANTEK 6/6A/7G. For example, you can select a combination of channel/permanent link or CAT6a/ISO-F standards and get both test results in virtually the same amount of time as a single test. DUALmode can be used as either a troubleshooting tool or to provide an extra level of confidence to your customers by performing certification to additional test standards that demonstrate the quality of your work

Unique Adapter Scheme Reduces Cost of Ownership

LANTEK cable testers utilize an advanced link adapter method to reduce cost of ownership. All testers come with universal link adapters that are used for basic, channel, and permanent link testing. These channel adapters fit into the case of the unit and are locked in place. This creates a stable and repeatable testing platform while eliminating bulky adapters that extend beyond the end of the unit. Simply plug in the appropriate reference patchcord to the channel adapter, to perform permanent link testing.



Frequency Range 350 MHz
Support CAT6/5e/3 and ISO-E/D/C ?
Accuracy Level III/IIIe (Draft)/IV verified by ETL
Support DUALmode Testing to Save Time ?
Test with Patchcords to Save Money ?
Screen Display Area Best
CAT6 Test Storage with Graphs 500
Expansion Slots CompactFlash Card
Standard External Compact Flash Memory Option
USB/Serial Port ?
Copper TDR Trace ?
Fiber Loss Measurement (FIBERTEK) Option
Fiber Distance to Break (TRACETEK) Option
Talk over Fiber & Copper (Full Duplex) ?
Display Screen on Remote ?
Troubleshooting Tone Generator on Remote ?
External Rapid Battery Charger & Extra Batteries Option


Length 50 –100 O cable
Range 0 – 2000 ft
Resolution 1 ft
Accuracy ± (3% + 3 ft)
Range 0 – 8000 ns
Resolution 1 ns
Accuracy ± (3% + 1 ns)
Average Impedance Range
Range 35 – 180 O
Resolution 0.1 O
Accuracy ± (3% + 1 O)
Capacitance (Bulk)
Range 0 – 100 nF
Resolution 1 pF or 3 dig
Accuracy ± (2% + 20 pF)
Range 0 – 100 pF/ft
Resolution 0.1 pF
Accuracy ± (2% + 1 pF)
DC Loop Resistance
Range 0 – 200 O
Resolution 0.1 O
Accuracy ± (1% + 2 O)
Range 1 MHz –1 GHz
Resolution 0.1 dB
Accuracy Level III/IIIe(Draft)/IV
Range 1 MHz –1 GHz
Resolution 0.1 dB
Accuracy Level III/IIIe(Draft)/IV
Return Loss
Range 1 MHz –1 GHz
Resolution 0.1 dB
Accuracy Level III/IIIe(Draft)/IV
Range 1 MHz –1 GHz
Resolution 0.1 dB
Accuracy Level III/IIIe(Draft)/IV
Noise Floor < –90 dB
Dynamic Range > 90 dB
Standard Test Compliance ANSI/TIA/EIA 568B, Category 3/5e/6/6a, ISO C/D/E/F, AS/NZS 3080, IEEE 802.3 Ethernet, EN50173, EN50173.A1
Cable Types UTP/ScTP/FTP CAT 3/5e/6/7; ISO C/D/E/F (Channel and Permanent Link) IBM STP Type 1,2,6 Coax, 110/66/210 Block
Dimensions 10.1" × 5.0" × 2.3" (256mm x 127mm x 58mm) Display and Remote
Weight 2.3 lb (1050g) – Display
2.0 lb (914g) – Remote
1.2 lb (548g) – Battery
Battery Packs NiMH (rechargeable)
Typical Operating Life (Battery) 8 hours
Maximum Operating Temperature 0°C – 50°C
Maximum Storage Temperature –20°C to + 70°C
Humidity 5–90% noncondensing

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