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Test & Measurement Sunrise Telecom Sunset Series Sunset MTT



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5Z16 - Sunrise Telecom SunSet MTT SSMTT-19 SSMTT-29 / L

Sunrise Telecom SunSet MTT With TI ADSL2+ ATU-R SSMTT-19 Module, Gigabit Ethernet SSMTT-29 Module & Gigabit Ethernet SSMTT-29L Module

SunSet Installed Options:
AY1: Chassis Type 1

SSMTT-19 Offers Fast And Efficient ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+ Service Verification.

SSMTT-29 / L Helps To verify end-to-end transport of Gigabit Ethernet/IP traffic, perform BER tests, determine throughput, link utilization, round trip delay, and IP connectivity.

Includes 2 JDSU SFP Modules w/ 1310, Finisar SFP Module w/ 1310, Carrying Case & Accessories As Listed!

Condition Refurbished / Calibrated
Warranty 90 Day Exchange
  • Sunrise Telecom SunSet MTT With Options:
    • AA3: SSxDSL-L
    • AY1: Chassis Type 1
  • Sunrise Telecom TI ADSL2+ ATU-R SSMTT-19A Module
  • Sunrise Telecom Gigabit Ethernet SSMTT-29 Module
  • Sunrise Telecom Gigabit Ethernet SSMTT-29L Module
  • (2) JDSU JSH-42L3AD3-20 SM SFP Modules w/ 1310
  • Finisar FTLF1319P1GTL SM SFP Module w/ 1310
  • Fiber Cables:
    • (2) SM LC-LC Duplex
    • SM SC-LC Duplex
    • SM LC-FC Duplex 
  • AC Adapter/Charger
  • Power Cord
  • (2) Ethernet Cables 
  • User Manual On CD-ROM
  • Carrying Case
 The SunSet MTT (Modular Test Toolkit) helps ensure timely delivery of a variety of access network services. With more than 35 test modules now shipping, the handheld SunSet MTT provides field technicians the industry's broadest selection of test options needed to install, verify, and troubleshoot a wide variety of service technologies. The SunSet MTT family is comprised of various chassis configurations allowing you to match your testing needs and budget. The SunSet MTT ACM (Advanced Cable Maintenance) chassis offers a powerful combination of cable maintenance and service verification testing, along with a high resolution color display. The SunSet MTT Basic Colour chassis is the economic choice for those who need service verification testing without the cable maintenance features. Metropolitan ethernet Increased broadband deployment to homes and businesses, along with faster core technologies, are driving demand for Metropoliltan Ethernet and storage services. There's a serious need to deploy and optimize metro networks, quickly and inexpensively. The SunSet MTT meets that need. With test modules for Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and Fibre Channel, the SunSet MTT provides a cost-effective platform for testing in the metro. Multi-tasking The huge range of plug-in interface modules allows an engineer with an MTT unit to tackle a wide range of test applications - and troubleshoot at multiple levels - from physical to IP. Follow the links in the table below for more details and helpful application diagrams Key Features
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Fast and easy one-button auto test
  • RFL to locate resistance faults
  • Spectrum analyzer - 30 MHz PSD background noise
  • 30 MHz insertion loss
  • Voice frequency features
  • Longitudinal balance
  • Circuit noise and power influence
  • Power harmonics analysis
  • Detaptor (patented) to determine lengths of bridge taps
  • Supports many SSMTT/SSxDSL test modules

Continuing Sunrise Telecom’s leadership in DSL Access test solutions is the new ADSL2+ ATU-R Module, addressing emerging next generation ADSL technologies including ADSL2, ADSL2+, Reach Extended ADSL2, as well as legacy ADSL. The new ATU-R module features the industry’s simplest one-button test for effi cient service verifi cation and is supported by all SunSet MTT/xDSL host chassis.


The SSMTT-19A TI ADSL2+ ATU-R Module, part of the SunSet Modular Test Toolkit (MTT) family of products, is a rugged, battery-operated handheld test solution geared for the Tier 1 technician tasked with fast and efficient ADSL2+ service verification. The TI ADSL2+ ATU-R module addresses the testing needs of service providers who are migrating to ADSL2+ for its superior bandwidth, extended reach and, as a result, its ability to deliver triple-play services—the right solution for customers whether they need a simple, low cost tool or a more powerful diagnostic solution.


  • Link turn-up with far end DSLAM
  • Pass through modem emulation
  • Detailed modem/link status
  • Link measurement
  • Network connectivity verification
  • Advanced features, including Trace Route, ATM OAM, and Network Statistics
  • INP support
  • Annex M support


  • Lightweight
  • Handheld
  • Leverages existing MTT platform
  • Cost-effective and future-proof
  • Portable design for easy site-to-site transport
  • One-button configuration and measurement simplifies and shortens testing time


  • Network connectivity verification



ADSL Technologies
ADSL2+ (ITU-T G.992.5)
ADSL2 (ITU-T G.992.3)
Reach Extended ADSL2 (ITU-T G.992.3 Annex L)
G.dmt ADSL/POTS and S = 1/2 option (ITU-T G.992.1 Annex A and
ANSI T1.413)
G.lite (ITU-T G.992.2)
ADSL2+ INP Support (ITU G.992.5 Amendment 3)
Annex M mode: Extended Upstream Rate

ATU-R Features
Modem Status Measurements
Maximum Rate
SNR Margin
Transmit Power
Link Measurements
Counters for CRC, FEC, HEC,
LCD, and NCD events
Errored Seconds, Severely Errored Seconds, Unavailable Seconds
Block Error Rate
Loss of Signal Seconds
Bits per Tone/SNR per Tone: Full graphical & tabular display
Event Tracer
Event type with time stamp

Basic IP Features
Protocol Standards Supported
RFC 1483/2684: LLC-Bridged (Static & DHCP), LLC-Routed
RFC 2364: PPP over ATM
RFC 2516: PPP over Ethernet
Encapsulation: VC MUX/LLC SNAP
Basic PING Test
PASS/FAIL results for: PPP session, PING Test

SSMTT-29 / L Gigabit Ethernet Module

SSMTT-29 Gigabit Ethernet Module with 850 nm Transceivers Bundle

SSMTT-29L Gigabit Ethernet Light Module with 850 nm Transceivers Bundle

The SSMTT-29 Gigabit Ethernet Module, part of the SunSet® Modular Test Toolkit (MTT) family of products, is a rugged, battery-operated handheld test solution for the installation and maintenance of Metro Ethernet and IP services. A complete set of testing capabilities makes the SSMTT-29 ideal for the field technician who needs to verify end-to-end transport of Gigabit Ethernet/IP traffic, perform BER tests, determine throughput, link utilization, round trip delay, and IP connectivity.

The intuitive user interface of the SSMTT-29, along with the straightforward creation and sharing of test profi les, allow technicians with limited Ethernet or IP testing experience to verify performance pa- rameters for Gigabit Ethernet services. The wide range of test functionalities of the SSMTT-29 Gigabit Ethernet Module provides all of the tools needed for verifying Service Level Agreements (SLAs) between service providers and their customers.


  • Full Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Mbps) line rate traffic generation
  • Performs throughput, latency, frame loss, and back-to- back tests per RFC 2544
  • BER testing at Layer 1, Layer 2, and Layer 3 (IP) for Gigabit Ethernet and IP services
  • IP verifi cation with Ping, Trace Route, Echo Response, and IP Throughput across a routed network
  • Generate up to 64 traffi c fl ows with different MAC address, VLAN tag, and IP address confi gurations
  • Class of Service (CoS) (via VLAN P-bit) and IP Type of Service (TOS)/DSCP traffi c prioritization settings
  • Dual Port capability for network element prequalifi cation testing
  • VLAN Scan feature to quickly verify the VLAN ID confi gura- tion on a given test interface
  • Control/Respond Loopback feature to loop-up/down a far end MTT with a SSMTT-29 or SSMTT-28 (Ethernet/Fast Ethernet) module
  • Test Profi les for fast and effi cient test set confi guration and operation

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