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1Q03 - Fiber Optic Cable Repair / Termination Tool Kit

This Fiber Optic Tool Kit contains a variety of tools needed for common fiber optic cable repairs.


This Fiber Optic Tool Kit contains a variety of tools needed for common fiber optic cable repairs. Includes fiber strippers, cleaning pads, and a variety of other tools commonly used in the field. The Tool Kit is conveniently packaged in a durable carrying case with combination lock for safety. You can find a detailed list of everything included under the "Included Accessories" section further down in this listing.


PanaVise Vise

Low-Profile Base - Model 305
* This base has all the tilt, turn and rotate control features of the Standard Base, but it's only 2 1/2" (63.5mm) high.
* Designed for working close to the bench surface.
* When used with the 304 Low-Profile Head, it allows the work to be swung out and away from the bench surface.
* This base has three 1/4" (6.3mm) countersunk mounting holes on a 4 5/16" (109.5mm) bolt circle for attaching directly to a work bench or to a portable Base Mount.
* Accepts all 5/8" (15.9mm) stems.

Part Tray Base Mount - Model 312
* The cast aluminum 312 Parts Tray Base Mount has six intergal parts wells with rounded and sloped walls for easy parts removal. Neatly organize your small parts and tools!
* Overall diameter is 8 1/2" (215.9mm) and provides extra stability.
* Includes six non-marring, anti-skid neoprene base pads.
* Three 1/4 - 20 holes are drilled and tapped on the outer lip for mounting accessories such as the 371 Solder Station.


Fujikura CT-02 Fiber Cleaver

* The CT-02 stapler fibre optic cleaver system is exceptionally easy to use and offers consistently excellent results.
Hand-held stapler type
* Flat, perpendicular mirror-like end face
* Compact, lightweight and easy to use.

* Fiber : Silica fiber
* Cladding Diameter : 125µm nominal
* Clamping : Manual clamp
* Jacket Diameter : 0.2-1.0mm
* Designated Bare Fibre Length : 16mm
* Dimensions : 20W x 35H x 100D (mm)
* Weight : 75g
* Expected Times of Cleaves : 1,000


Clauss No-Nik Wire Stripper
Precision wire stripper for removing insulation from solid or stranded wire without nicking or scratching the conductor.

* Plastic heads make contact with the insulation and center and support the wire on both sides of the stripping blade
* Plastic head centering device centers wire perfectly enabling precise insulation scoring and removal
* Back-up-blades support stripping blades in a "sandwich" and nest positively and "lock-up" when the tool is closed to maintain perfect concentricity
* Each tool is made to strip specific wire sizes, handles are color-coded by size of cutter holes for easy identification
* Stipping blades fabricated of finest razor blade steel, score the insulation completely around the conductor
* Stipping blade diameter marking and indication arrow, stripping blade diameter clearly marked on plastic head. Arrow indicates direction pressure should be applied when stripping
* Stripping blade diameters range from 0.008" to 0.054"
* Stripping apertures are accurate to -0", +0.0005" (.0127mm)
* Simple operation
* Insulation being removed protects conductor from the stripping blades
* No adjustments needed; each tool is made to strip specific wire sizes
* Insure compliance with NASA and military specifications


* 3M Crimp Tool
* Clauss No-Nik Fiber Optic Stripper (175 um) with Manual
* Miller Fiber Optic Stripper
* Clauss Fiber Scissors
* Fujikura CT-02 Fiber Optic Cleaver with Manual
* Syringe with Phenylmethyl Silicone / Hydrophobic Silica
* Alcohol Wash Bottle
* PanaVise Model 312 Base Mount with Model 305 Base
* 1 Bag of Pipe Cleaners
* 1 Bag Cleaning Pads
* Hard Carrying Case with Combination Lock

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