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CATV Meters

Sub Categories
Click here to go to "Acterna JDSU Wavetek" 
JDSU Wavetek Stealth Digital Analyzer, DSAM, CLI, MS, SAM 4040, 3SRV, DTS & RSAM Series CATV Meters

JDSU Wavetek CATV Meters
Reduces technician time for the most labor intensive maintenance and troubleshooting.
Signal Level Meters that combine advanced measurement capability with the ruggedness needed for everyday field use.
Click here to go to "CMTS Headend Units" 

Catv Cable Modem Headend Units / CMTS Cable Modem Termination Systems

Models Include: Cadant C3 CMTS and more

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Click here to go to "Trilithic" 
Trilithic 860 DSP, 860 DSPi, 720 DSP, 360 DSP Series CATV Meters

Trilithic CATV Meters
DSP provides all of the testing power needed to insure HFC networks operate to high standards.  
The DSP is the first high-performance distribution analyzer designed specifically for the demands of HSD and VoIP. More than just a signal level meter, the DSP makes full use of DSP (digital signal processing) techniques to perform a wide array of transmission and signal quality tests, on both analog and digital signals.
Click here to go to "Tektronix Tempo" 
Textronix Tempo CableScout, SignalScout, WFM 90, DMA120 Series CATV Meters

Textronix Tempo CATV Meters
Field tools tailored for analog/digital Cable TV networks.
Spend less time operating the TDR and more time repairing faults.
Click here to go to "Sunrise" 
Sunrise Telecom CM2000, CM-1000, CM750, CM100, CaLan, CR1200R, HTT, LP100 Series CATV Meters

Sunrise Telecom CATV Meters
Portable analyzers of analog and digital cable TV networks are optimal for cable TV networks testing.
Sunrise Telecom’s quality test sets simplify installation, speed deployment, and reduce cost-of-ownership, while ensuring that the qualified network and services meet users’ expectations.
Click here to go to "Sadelco" 
Sadelco Displaymax, Displaymax Jr., MiniMax M & MiniMax Series CATV Meters

Sadelco CATV Meters
Incorporates state of the art technology to make signal level measurement faster and easier than ever before.
Allows novice users to take accurate, foolproof readings with minimal training. Capable of measuring both analog and digital channels.
Click here to go to "RiserBond Instruments" 
RiserBond 1270A, 1270, 1205TR-OSP, 1205TX-OSP, 1205T-OSP, 1205CXA, 1205CX & 1205C Series CATV Meters

RiserBond CATV Meters
Find faults on CATV and telecom cables for both outside plant and domestic applications.
Multipurpose combination TDR's Specifically designed for fault locating in twisted pair and coaxial cables for companies and industries with both applications.
Click here to go to "HP / Agilent" 
HP Agilent CaLan Series CATV Meters

HP Agilent CATV Meters
Whether for routine maintenance or new interactive network installations, CaLan products offer a range of solutions.
These products cover the entire 5 MHz to 1 GHz frequency range with exceptional speed – 60 channels of visual and aural carriers in less than 2 seconds.
Click here to go to "ComSonics" 
ComSonics Sniffer Shadow, Sniffer Sleuth Series CATV Meters

ComSonics CATV Meters
Uses the latest technology to bring you an ultra-reliable, field-use friendly, feature packed Installer’s Signal Leakage Instrument.
Makes active measurements on a chosen frequency and shows the results on a liquid crystal display (LCD). It indicates detected leakage by receiving and processing a modulated carrier.
Click here to go to "Applied Instruments" 
Applied Instruments Hecters PUP CATV Meter

Hecters PUP CATV Meter
Return Band Alignment System for CATV.
This system consists of a headend signal level receiver/telemetry transmitter unit and a small, field portable, dual-carrier signal generator/telemetry receiver unit.
Click here to go to "Sencore" 
Sencore SLM 1456CM CATV Meter

SLM 1456CM CATV Meter
Meant to be used for CATV installation and troubleshooting.
The SLM 1456CM provides everything installers and operators are looking for in a signal level meter - analog and digital measurements, including Pre/Post BER, MER, Spectral Display, DOCSIS 2.0 Network Testing, and Leakage and Ingress Testing capabilities - all at an affordable price.

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