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1L178 - 3M Dynatel 965DSP/SA Subscriber Loop Analyzer

3M Dynatel 965DSP/SA Subscriber Loop Analyzer
Software Version 7.00.9

This Model does not have the TDR function!

The Dynatel 965DSP/SA Subscriber Loop Analyzer delivers all of the multi-function capabilities of the Dynatel 965DSP and provides a Spectrum Analyzer and E, F and G noise-weighted filters.

Includes Carrying Case & Accessories As Listed

965 DSP

3M Dynatel 965DSP/SA 965-DSP/SA Subscriber Loop Analyzer Models On Sale Warranty Calibration Backed by The Best Service and Lowest Prices in the Industry.

BC# 26227

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Condition Refurbished / Calibrated
Warranty 90 Day Exchange
  • 3M Dynatel 965DSP/SA Subscriber Loop Analyzer Software Version 7.00.9 (BC# 26227)
  • Test Leads Set
  • AC Adapter/Charger
  • Power Cord
  • Hard Copy User Manual
  • Carrying Case (G)
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3M Dynatel Subscriber Loop Analyzer 965DSP/SA

The Dynatel? 965DSP Subscriber Loop Analyzer with Spectrum Analyzer performs a wide range of tests and automatic test routines. Test functions include fault location and repair verification on twisted-pair and drop cables.

The Dynatel Subscriber Loop Analyzer 965DSP/SA delivers all the multi-function capabilities of the Dynatel 965DSP and provides a Spectrum Analyzer and E, F and G noise-weighted filters. The Spectrum Analyzer test function enables the operator to view the high-frequency communications spectrum and identify spectral interferers such as crosstalk noise generated by other services.



Auto test POTS, POTS & Broadband
Basic VOM Yes
China RoHS - Below MCV Undetermined
EU RoHS Compliant Non-applicable
Gross Weight 7 Pound
Net Weight 3.3 Pound
Operating Altitude 0 to 16600 Linear Foot
Operating Temperature Range -18 to 60 Degree Celsius
Relative Humidity 0 to 95 Percent
Size (H) 10.0 in. x (W) 4.0 in. x (D) 2.5 in.
Storage Temperature -40 to 75 Degree Celsius
Usage POTS, POTS & Broadband, Fault Locating, Noise Mitigation
Weather resistant Yes

The 3M Dynatel 965DSPSubscriber Loop Analyzer is a microprocessor-controlled integrated test set that provide full-featured POTS and fundamental ISDN testing. The functions include fault location and repair verification on twisted-pair, quad and coaxial cable (utilizing capacitance bridge, resistance bridge and Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) functions).

The Dynatel 965DSPsubscriber loop analyzer executes a wide range of individual tests, or performs automatic test routines as specified by the user to categorize and sectionalize problems. Specific tests and measurements performed by the unit include:

  • Voltage ? detects and measures the presence of exchang or foreign DC or AC voltages.
  • Tone ? provides a test tone for conductor identification; user-selected tones from 1 to 40 kHz for transmission measurements.
  • Current ? measures DC loop current.
  • Ohms ? measures conductor and insulation resistance u to 1000 megohms.
  • Resistance fault location ? displays distance to fault.
  • Opens ? locates opens at distances up to 100,000 ft. (30 km).
  • Splits ? locates splits on paired cable.
  • Ringer count ? counts the number of ringers on a particular loop.
  • Load coil count ? indicates the presence of load coils in loop circuit.
  • Wideband loss ? loss measurements to 200 kHz for pre-qualifying ISDN and HDSL.
  • Loss ? measures voice band loss.
  • Noise ? measures noise metallic and noise to ground in dBrnc.
  • Longitudinal balance ? provides active measurement of line balance.

The Dynatel 965DSP/SA/ADSL Subscriber Loop Analyzes features an Alcatel MTK-20150 ADSL modem chipset in the proven 965DSP platform. The Dynatel 965DSP/ADSL provides the ability to perform active ADSL testing to address the growing number of residential and business ADSL customers. It delivers all the multi-function capabilities of the 965DSP plus the testing functions of the new ADSL modem. The 965DSP/SA/ADSL adds comprehensive DSL parametric measurements to this integrated solution. Extended loss measurement ranges, spectrum analyzer and E, F & G filtered wideband noise measurements complete this comprehensive family of rugged loop testers.

The Dynatel 965DSP and 965DSP/SA/ADSL test sets are housed in a lightweight, ergonomically designed case for portability and ease of use. The units are weather resistant and weigh only three pounds (4.5 lbs. with test leads and soft case). Preserving the rugged dependability of all Dynatel products, the /ADSL option incorporates an innovative design that adds a durable spacer element to the current 965DSP molded plastic case. This spacer permits easy and robust expansion of the new circuit board in the existing test set.

Dynatel 965DSP Specifications:

Product will incorporate all the features of the Dynatel 965DSP and/or 965DSP/SA Subscriber Loop Analyzers at the accuracy currently specified for these products (see 965DSP family product documentation). ADSL Datalink capability is limited to link synchronization. No PING or data application capability is provided. Modem will initiate a connection with the far-end under operator command. Status messages indicating link progress will be returned.

ANSI/ITU Standards Supported ITU G.992.2 (G.Lite), ITU G.992.1 (G.DMT), ANSI T1.413 Issue 2
ADSL Modes ANSI, G.DMT, G.Lite, MultiMode
Reach Designed to synchronize at distances from 0 ft. to 18,000 ft.
Statistics Actual and maximum upstream and downstream connect rates
Upstream and downstream percent used ADSL line capacity
Upstream and downstream noise margin
Upstream and downstream signal attenuation
Upstream and downstream power levels
Modem manufacturer identification
Upstream and downstream FEC, CRC, and HEC counts
Alarm codes including LOS, LOF, LCD and LOM
Graphical display of bits-per-bin count for the DMT signal
Operating Modes Captured Modem auto-disconnects from the far-end after statistics gathered
Continuous Modem gathers statistics for up to two minutes

Electrical Specifications

Main Functions  Range  Resolution  Accuracy 
Voltage (DC)  0 to 99.9 V 100 to 300 V  0.1 V 1 V  1% ± 0.5 V 3% 
Voltage (AC)  0 to 99.9 V 100 to 250 V  0.1 V 1 V  1% ± 0.5 V 3% 
Current  0 to 59.9 mA 60 to 110 mA  0.1 mA 0.1 mA  1% ± 0.3 mA 2% 
Resistance (DC) with CO voltage  0 to 9999 O
0 to 9999 O
10 k to 99.9 kO
100 k to 999 kO
1 M to 9.9 MO
10 M to 99 MO
100 M to 990 MO 
1 O
1 O
0.1 kO
1 kO
0.1 MO
1 MO
10 MO 
1% ± 5 O
1% ± 50 O
Opens (no noise)  0 to 3,000 ft (0 to 1000 m)
3,000 to 10,000 ft (1 km to 3 km)
10,000 to 50,000 ft (3 km to 15 km)
50,000 to 100,000 ft (15 km to 30 km) 
1 ft (1 m)
1 ft (1 m)
10 ft (10 m)
100 ft (100 m) 
1% ± 3 ft
Fault range Resistance to fault (no noise) 
0 to 20 MO
0 to 99.99 O
100 to 999.9 O
1 kO to 7 kO 
0.01 O
0.1 O)
1.0 O 
0.1% of RTS ± 0.01 O
0.2% of RTS ± 0.01 O
1.0% of RTS ± 0.01 O 
Loss (& frequency)  -40 to +10 dBm, 200 to 3000 Hz
-40 to +10 dBm, 3000 to 9995 Hz
-40 to +10 dBm, 10 k to 19.9 kHz 
0.1 dB, 1 Hz
0.1 dB, 5 Hz
1 dB, 10 Hz 
0.5 dB, 2 Hz
0.5 dB, 10 Hz
1 dB, 20 Hz 
Wideband loss  -40 to +10 dBm, 20 k to 200 kHz  1 dB, 100 Hz  2 dB, 0.1 kHz 
Noise metallic  0 to 50 dBrnc (-90 to -40 dBm0p)  1 dB  2 dB 
Noise to ground  40 to 100 dBrnc (-50 to 10 dBm0p)  1 dB  2 dB 
Longitudinal balance  62 to 40 dB  1 dB  2 dB 
Tone output
User defined
User defined
200 to 1000 Hz, fixed level
200 to 9995 Hz, -20 to +1 dBm
10 k to 19.99 kHz, -20 to +1 dBm
40 kHz, +6 dBm fixed level 
1 Hz
1 Hz, 0.1 dB
10 Hz, 1 dB
1% Hz, 0.2 dB
2% Hz, 1 dB
2%, 2 dB 
Dial mode  DTMF, Pulse  Standard  Standard 

Pulse width Velocity input Modes 
3 ft?300 ft, 20 ft?1,000 ft, 50 ft?3,000 ft, 150 ft. 10,000 ft, 450 ft?30,000 ft (0?100 m, 5?300 m, 15?1,000m, 45?3,000 m, 140?10,000 m)

5 nS, 34 nS, 235 nS, 1600 nS
0.50 to 0.99 (150 to 299 uS/m)
Single trace, dual trace, differential, memory, crosstalk 
1 ft (1 m)

Fixed values
0.01 (1 uS/m)
0.6% range

ISDN Link test Error test  Active/inactive Near-end & far-end block errors  ? 1 error  ? 1 error 
Auto  Same specifications as full tests  See above  See above 

For full 3M Dynatel 965DSP product specifications, please click here: 3M Dynatel 965DSP
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