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5H19 - Acterna 2000 TestPad FST-2000 FST-2209

Acterna FST-2000 Test Pad with FST-2209 Network Testing Module.
FST-2000 Mainframe Option
- VT100

Monitor And Perform DS1 & T1 Testing And Voice Quality Of Your Network.
Please Note

This Module States FST-2207 On The Faceplate, But Has Been Upgraded to a FST-2209. This Can Comfimred By Viewing The Revisions/Options Screen.

Acterna FST-2000 FST-2209 Network Tester FST2000 FST2209 Network Tester Models On Sale Warranty Calibration Backed by The Best Service and Lowest Prices in the Industry.

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Condition Refurbished / Calibrated
Warranty 90 Day Exchange
  • Acterna FST-2000 Test Pad 2000 Communication Mainframe With Option:
    • VT100
  • Acterna FST-2209 Network Testing Module
  • Dual BANTAM To RJ45 Cable
  • Acterna 80-45570-01 Cable
  • (2) BANTAM To Dual Hookclip Cables
  • Battery Pack
  • AC Adapter/Charger
  • Power Cord
  • User Manual On CD-ROM
  • Carrying Case
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Acterna FST 2209 Network Testing Module

For more than a decade, communications service providers have relied on Acternaís FST family of test instruments. Now our development team has created a revolutionary new FST that looks, feels, and performs like no other test instrument available today - the FST 2209.
Designed to help you maintain existing voice and data systems and install new revenue-producing services, the FST 2209 is the unique solution your network demands. Fast, simple, and intuitive - just touch an icon on the screen, and the FST 2209 instantly provides your test results. This easy operation reduces test time, boosts productivity, and minimizes training costs.

The FST 2209 is the latest addition to our new hand-held Acterna 2000 platform. With an innovative touchscreen interface, compact modular architecture, flexible battery-powered operation, and two PCMCIA expansion slots - all in a rugged, field-tested package - the Acterna 2000 platform defines the next generation in test.


Product Highlights

  • Itís easy to use. The FST 2209ís efficient design incorporates a large, icon-driven display - touch an icon to launch a test, and the FST 2209 does the rest
  • Protect your investment and maximize your test budget - the unique modular architecture of the new Acterna 2000 platform offers unprecedented upgrade potential. And most upgrades can easily be made in the field
  • A state-of-the-art nickel metal-hydride (NiMH) battery offers you increased battery life at a lower weight than other battery technologies
  • Take advantage of a wide range of PCMCIA memory and communication products. The FST 2209 includes a standard dual PCMCIA interface connection compatible with two Type II or one Type III cards
  • Sturdy, yet lightweight, the FST 2209 is designed to meet your requirements for field-ready toughness

Fast, Simple, Intuitive

Touch-Screen Graphical User Interface
The applications-oriented graphical user interface (GUI) is based on a powerful combination of touchscreen software and the largest VGA gray-scale display available in any product of its kind. No test instrument has ever been this simple or elegant. Testing is automatic - with one touch, your technicians can have the information they need and be on their way to the next test site.

Field-Replaceable Battery
The unpredictability of field testing demands battery operation. Powered by a state of-the-art nickel metal- hydride (NiMH) battery, the FST 2209 goes wherever you need to go. The battery is small and easily accessible - so if it runs low on site, you can install a new one and resume testing in seconds. Advanced software and battery charge hardware allows the battery to charge in either trickle-charge or fast-charge modes.

Advanced Low-Power Technology
The FST 2209 utilizes technology advances in low-power design, high-integration ASICs, and state of- the-art memory and logic devices to minimize size and maximize battery life. Youíll get three hours of uninterrupted battery operation on each charge.

Designed for the Way You Test

Rugged Field-Oriented Design

With more than 20 years of test experience, we know how and where you test. Weíve constructed the FST 2209 with a tough rubber overmold and a sturdy custom display mounting to protect it against extreme temperatures, vibrations, and mechanical twists. Each instrument is durability-tested to stand up to the on-site conditions you face every day.

Modular Architecture
The FST 2209ís Acterna 2000 platform sets a new standard for flexibility and future growth potential for lightweight, hand-held test instruments. The FST 2209 application module separates easily from the Acterna 2000 platform, so you can quickly plug in other applications as your testing needs change.

Dual PCMCIA Interface
Two PCMCIA slots add to your FST 2209ís power and versatility, making it easy to install future software upgrades. And the FST 2209 is designed with non-volatile memory, so the loss of an upgrade card does not put you out of service.

The Logical Choice in Network Testing
Maintaining telecommunications networks becomes more challenging every day. The industry is changing fast, with new technologies, new competitors, and new network service offerings. You need an instrument designed to simplify testing of todayís most complex, far reaching networks. For highly integrated test applications on both the pipeline and service levels, the FST 2209 is the logical choice.

The FST 2209 is designed as a value-added tool to help you install and maintain revenue-earning networks and services quickly, easily, and inexpensively. With just a touch, youíll know that your network is performing as advertised, and you can rest assured that you are offering your customers the highest quality voice and data services available.

Dual-Receiver In-Service Monitoring
Use the dual-receiver capability of the FST 2209 to perform in-service monitoring of both transmit and receive signals simultaneously.

Advanced Timing Analysis
Pinpoint signal delays, timing slips, and mismatches between switch and remote equipment using the advanced timing analysis features of the FST 2209.

Physical-Layer Problems
Isolate and troubleshoot physical-layer problems associated with data or other advanced services, without taking unaffected channels out of service.

The Right Touch for Telecommunications Testing
For customers deploying voice and data network technologies, the FST 2209 combines essential installation and maintenance test functions in an intelligent, field-ready test instrument weighing less than five pounds.

The touch-screen interface simplifies complex test applications and results information, eliminating configuration errors and misdiagnosis of test results. Field technicians will be able to test effectively the first time, every time. The result is increased user efficiency and productivity and less lost revenue from network downtime.

Dual T1 Interface
Monitor and perform BERT testing in both directions of a circuit simultaneously. Identify and sectionalize circuit problems from network equipment faults. The FST 2209 also provides a full range of signal, alarm, and timing tests to ensure proper performance from your T1 network connections.

Advanced Stress Patterns
Include several of the industry-recommended stress patterns in your circuit acceptance criteria to verify proper network performance. These pre-programmed long user patterns include 55 OCTET and T1 DALY.

VF Channel Access and PCM TIMS
Monitor the voice quality of your network with the internal channel monitor functionality of the FST 2209. Verify individual channels and monitor data or signaling bits without disrupting network traffic. Transmit and measure tones on an individual PCM channel basis utilizing the FST 2209ís in-service channel access capabilities - affecting only the channel under test and without impacting other revenue earning channels.

Fractional T1 Channels
Verify proper network routings and signal delays to ensure all channel signals are terminated properly and with the correct timing. Isolate single-circuit faults in rural locations or on the outer reaches of the service area without knocking out the entire line.

Ensure high quality transmission and signaling performance of T1 voice trunks. Test the ability of a switch/PBX to handle incoming calls and emulate switch-to-switch communications. Place, receive, and monitor calls over several trunk types.


FST-2000 TestPad Mainframe

The FST-2000 TestPad is the user interface for the TestPad family. The combination of a user interface and an application module represents a complete test tool. This architecture provides TestPad users with the flexibility to invest in additional test modules as their testing needs change, allowing them to capitalize on an investment already made.

The FST-2000 has been designed for mobile technicians to improve the overall installation and troubleshooting process by providing features that are enablers for a total process improvement solution. The FST-2000 employs wireless connectivity, along with a local Web Browser and VT100, allows for storage and transfer of files, all of which enable field technicians to complete their jobs more effectively.


  • Remote control via Web Browser makes remote testing and technical support straightforward
  • Web Browser and VT100 emulator provide access to provisioning systems, while
  • Web Browser also allows for retrieval of information from the Intranet/Internet
  • Support of Bluetooth, RS-232, USB-compatible and 10/100BaseT interfaces provide a choice of local connectivity to the TestPad
  • Support of Ethernet, 802.11b, analog and wireless modems (CDPD, CDMA, etc.) allow for various LAN and WAN connectivity options
  • Customizable and preconfigured test scripts offer support for closeout tests, ensuring that M&Ps are followed
  • Storage and transfer of results provide ability to store files on the test set and transfer them to computers and other network locations via file transfer protocol (FTP)
  • Non-display version offers a lower cost solution for customers that want to rely on laptopís display for test configuration and retrieval of results

For full JDSU FST-2000 FST-2209 product specifications, please click here: JDSU FST-2000 FST-2209
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