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5H10 - Acterna FST-2310 Module For FST-2000 TestPad

Acterna JDSU TTC FST-2310 SONET Field Services Module For FST-2000 TestPad

This Sale Is For FST-2310 Module Only, Test Pad Not Included In Sale!

Installed Options:
- OC3
- OC12
- STS1
- DS1
- DS3

FST 2310 2000 FST2310 FST2000

Acterna FST-2310 Field Services Test Module FST2310 Field Services Test Module Models On Sale Warranty Calibration Backed by The Best Service and Lowest Prices in the Industry.

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Condition Refurbished / Calibrated
Warranty 90 Day Exchange
  • FST-2310 Field Services Module With Options:
    • OC3
    • OC12
    • TIMS
    • STS1
    • DS1
    • DS3
    • FMI
    • ASP
    • PRI
  • (4) SM ST-SC Fiber Cables
  • User Manual On CD-ROM
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2310 Field Services Module

The JDSU FST-2310 TestPad is an all-in-one testing solution that performs SONET, SDH, T-carrier, data, and circuit-switched testing to meet the varied testing requirements of mobile technicians. Its modular architecture protects long-term investment by providing the flexibility, scalability, and upgradeability to support evolving test needs.

Most tests performed using the FST-2310 can be done in only a few button pushes, without the need to sift through hidden setup menus. Additionally, because technicians need only minimal training to use the FST-2310, testing objectives are addressed quickly and the cost of ownership is significantly reduced.

Key Features:

Application-driven icons
Test application buttons are labeled with icons that clearly depict the way the test is performed on the circuit; for example, select the “MON/THRU” icon when performing circuit-monitoring tests – select the “TERM” icon when performing circuit-terminating tests. The icons and quick setup buttons enable technicians to use the module effectively with very little training.

Simultaneous results analysis for different signal rates
Identify the source of problems quickly by using the FST-2310’s dual results window to analyze results from different signal rates simultaneously. Simultaneous results analysis can also be performed on different signal results (for example, level and bit errors) allowing for easy results correlation and quick problem identification.

Support for autoconfiguration is provided for all key applications. Autoconfiguration is capable of setting different test parameters, such as framing and pattern, as well as detecting the signal’s multiplexed composition. This enables users to reduce the time required for test setup.Additionally, the FST-2310 has the ability to save and store up to 10 test set configurations that can be recalled for future use.

Remote control
Remotely configure tests and analyze results in detail using the remote control GUI option. This allows technicians to conveniently operate the module from a remote location using the FST-2310’s graphical user interface (GUI) on a remote PC. The remote control GUI feature enables technicians to connect to the FST-2310 through the PCMCIA serial or modem card to perform tests and collect test results.


SONET Analysis
SDH Analysis
DS3 Analysis
DS1 Analysis
DS1/DS3 Jitter analysis
ATM Analysis
GR-303 Protocol Link Analysis
ISDN PRI Testing
Signaling Analysis
Loop-Back Applications

For full JDSU FST-2310 Module product specifications, please click here: JDSU FST-2310 Module
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