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LAN Cable Certifiers Agilent HP WIRESCOPE Wirescope 155



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1B05 - Agilent Wirescope 155 W/ Multimode Fiber Certifier

Agilent WireScope 155 LAN Cable Certifier With 850nm & 1300nm Multimode Fiber SmartProbe Modules

Used To Certify Cat5 & Cat5e Cabling Installations Up To 155 MHz

Test & Certify Multimode 850nm & 1300nm Fiber

Includes Carrying Case And Accessories As Listed!

Price: $1,295.00 / Each

Condition Refurbished / Calibrated
Warranty 90 Day Exchange
  • Wirescope 155 Main
  • Wirescope 155 DualRemote
  • Basic Link UTP Cat5/5e
  • (2) Wirescope Channel Adapters Cat5/5e
  • Agilent Fiber Smartprobe+ 850nm Module
  • Agilent Fiber Smartprobe+ 1300nm Module
  • (2) MM ST-ST
  • Agilent ScopeDataPro Database Software
  • (2) Bttery Packs
  • (2) AC Adapters/Chargers
  • DC Car Charger
  • RS-232 PC Interface Cable
  • User Manual On CD-ROM
  • Hard Copy User Manual
  • Carrying Case

WireScope 155 Features

Tests installed cabling for compliance with TIA 568A Category 5, Category 5E and ISO 11801 Class D specifications. Fully implements TIA TSB-67 requirements, including laboratory-grade level II and level IIE measurement accuracy for basic link and channel.
Incorporates the new cabling measurements ELFEXT, Return Loss, Delay Skew, and Power Sum that are required by the Category 5E and 1000Base-T specifications.
The first 155 MHz cable analyzer to fully qualify Category 5 cabling for extended frequency range employed by 155 Mbps ATM equipment.
Unique Digital Spectrum Analysis (DSA) technology measures network-specific channel response - Provides accurate pass/fail qualification for 20 high speed networking standards in one simple autotest.
Automatic setup for Basic Link and Channel test configurations - Attaching test probes automatically configure the WireScope 155 for Basic Link or Channel Pass/Fail limits.
Auto-troubleshooting mode for failing cable runs - WireScope 155 identifies location and cause of probable error sources for quick problem isolation and repairs.
Simultaneous far end NEXT (Near End Crosstalk) testing with the DualRemote 155. A single 14 second Autotest measures NEXT from both ends of the cable, saving time and ensuring complete test coverage.
Locally stores 500 cable test reports from multiple test sites. Reports can be printed or uploaded to any Windows-based PC - Nonvolatile memory protects test data without requiring battery power.
Included ScopeDataPro software can run tests directly from a Windows PC attached to the WireScope 155. Logs full frequency plots for all tested cables when run in this mode.
*With the Wirescope155 & Fiber SmartProbes you can provide loss and length testing for Multimode and Singlemode Fiber optic cable. (Single-Mode Fiber adapters not included with this sale)

• Prints professional-quality preformatted graphic test reports, complete with logos and data plots
• Uploads copper and fiber test results from both WireScope 155
• Organizes cable tests by site, building, floor, wiring closet, etc., to simplify record navigation
• Application can be freely distributed with test results to
facilitate customer access to on-line test reports
• Stores test data in Microsoft Access database format
• Can be integrated with popular cable management software solutions
• The software is the ideal system for organizing and analyzing electronic test results for large projects or sites.

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