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1B04 - Agilent Wirescope 350 Singlemode & Multimode

Agilent WireScope 350 Tester used to Ceritify Fiber and Cat5 Cat5e Cat6 Cabling Installations With Agilent Singlemode 1310nm/1550nm & Multimode 850nm/1300nm Fiber Smartprobe Modules

Certifies compliance of installed LAN Cabling to TIA Category 6 and ISO Class E Standards

The Single Mode & Multimode Fiber SmartProbes provide simultaneous loss testing on each fiber,SM 1310nm & 1550nm & MM 850 and 1300 nm

Includes Carrying Case & Accessories As Listed 

Agilent Wirescope 350 Wirescope-350 SM MM Fiber Cable Certifier Models On Sale Warranty Calibration Backed by The Best Service and Lowest Prices in the Industry.

BC# 5927A 5927B 16366M 16367M 16322M 16321M

Price: $3,495.00 / Each

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Condition Refurbished / Calibrated
  • Agilent WireScope 350 Main (BC# 5927A)
  • Agilent DualRemote 350 (BC# 5927B)
  • Agilent Fiber SmartProbe 850 P/N: 450-1070 (BC# 16366M)
  • Agilent Fiber SmartProbe 1300 P/N: 450-1080 (BC# 16367M)
  • Agilent Fiber SmartProbe 1310 P/N: 450-2020 (BC# 16322M)
  • Agilent Fiber SmartProbe 1550 P/N: 450-2030 (BC# 16321M)
  • (2) Agilent N2604A-101 Cat6 Universal Link Smart Probes
  • 2GB Memory Card
  • Wirescope Channel Adapter 15726
  • SM SC-SC Duplex Fiber Cable
  • MM SC-SC Duplex Fiber Cable
  • Agilent Scope Data Pro Software II
  • Stylus
  • DC Car Charger
  • (2) Battery Packs
  • (2) AC Adapter/Chargers
  • User Manual On CD-ROM
  • Carrying Case (G)
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The WireScope 350 is Ready for Category 6 and Beyond

The WireScope 350 provides comprehensive support for all current and emerging LAN cable certification standards including Category 6 / Class E channel and permanent link. Offering outstanding test performance, ease of use and graphic reporting, the WireScope 350 is the ultimate tool for LAN and cabling professionals.

Superior Measurement Performance
WireScope 350 is based on frequency domain testing, the same principle used by the world's most accurate Network Analyzers. Its unmatched hardware accuracy is further augmented by state-of-the-art software algorithms including a novel patent pending Enhanced Auto Cancellation Technology to automatically cancel the interface and adapter effects from the test results. This automatic and dynamic compensation assures superior repeatability and accuracy with continuous usage of the instrument.

Color User Interface
A bright color touch screen simplifies navigation through menus and improves comprehension of test result data, resulting in faster operation and reduced training times. Test setup advisor screens assist the operator when configuring test options, minimizing the chances of inadvertently testing to the wrong limits. All settings can be defined on a PC and downloaded in a single operation, speeding the process of configuring multiple WireScope 350 sets for the same job site testing requirements

Universal SmartProbes Enable Accurate Cat 6 Testing
The WireScope 350 supports category 6 testing with Universal Link & Channel SmartProbes which have been designed to maximize Category 6 / Class E certification test margins for virtually all brands & categories of cabling.

  • Agilent's Universal SmartProbes guarantee TIA Level III accuracy and optimized test margins when used with standards compliant category 6 cabling may be the only test cords you need for category 6 certification.
  • Given the significant improvement in the quality and consistency of category 6 connecting hardware, it may no longer be necessary to purchase manufacturer-specific link test cords to match the connecting hardware in the channel under test. Of course Agilent still offers a large selection of manufacturer-specific category 6 Link and Block SmartProbes.
  • Measurement accuracy can also suffer if worn out test adapters are used. To minimize accuracy problems, the WireScope 350 uses "SmartProbe" test adapters that contain their own configuration data and a counter that logs the number of tests they have been used for. As a consequence, the WireScope 350 can warn the user if an attached test adapter is inappropriate for the selected test limits. This avoids wasting time testing to the wrong limits.

Fiber Support is a Snap
By snapping on the optional Fiber SmartProbe adapters, the WireScope 350 can also test either multi-mode or single-mode optical fiber installations. Test results are stored in the same database with copper tests and can be integrated into the same reports.

Easy to Follow Setup Instructions
As new standards, limits and cabling system warranty program rules appear, certification testing becomes more complex. A significant challenge lies in setting the proper limits and measurement options before testing starts. The WireScope 350 user interface addresses this problem through step-by-step setup instructions that guide the user through all of the necessary choices.

Downloadable Test Profiles
In order to further speed the setup process, the user can load a test profile, which defines all limit, cabling and tester settings. Test profiles can be created within ScopeData Pro or pre-defined profiles for popular warranty programs can be downloaded. Test profiles can optionally be locked so that while loaded in the WireScope 350, no settings can be changed.

Extensive Fault Diagnostics
Clear fault schematics simplify diagnosis of failing cabling runs at the job site. A distance to fault locator function pinpoints the source of trouble.

Memory Cards Store Plot Data
The WireScope 350 stores plot data on removable Compact Flash memory cards. This approach allows for unlimited expansion of memory capacity and transferal of test data without taking the WireScope 350 out of service. Readily available Compact Flash card readers and adapters allow data to be uploaded directly to either laptop or desktop PCs.

Professional Quality Graphic Reports
As the complexity of cable testing standards increases, it becomes more challenging to clearly present test result data. Included ScopeData Pro software solves this problem with professionally designed report layouts that include plots of test data, facilitating at-a-glance analysis of cabling quality and headroom vs. limits. Test reports can be easily customized to include the contractor or client logo graphics on every page for a truly professional look.

Ready for Cat 6 and Beyond

The HP WireScope 350 provides comprehensive support for all current and emerging LAN cable certification standards. A fully modular design allows for both software and hardware upgradeablity to ensure maximum support for future LAN and cabling standards beyond Category 6 / Class E. Offering outstanding test performance, ease of use and reporting, the WireScope 350 is the ultimate tool for LAN and cabling professionals.


  • Certifies compliance of installed LAN Cabling to TIA Category 6 and ISO Class E Standards
  • Support for Cat 6 Channel & Permanent Link Certification
  • Accuracy beyond TIA level III requirements traceable to laboratory reference standards
  • Tests installed multimode or single-mode optical fiber via Fiber SmartProbe attachments
  • Expandable test result storage on removable compact flash memory cards
  • Automated TIA-606-A Cable Identification Solution
  • Included ScopeData Pro software produces professional quality graphic test reports
  • Easy to use color touch screen interface minimizes training requirements
  • Talkset support improves coordination within testing teams

Fiber SmartProbes provide loss and length testing for multimode and singlemode Fiber optic cable.

ScopeData Pro is a Windows based software application that allows downloading, printing, and analysis of copper and fiber cable test results. The software is included at no extra charge.

Features include:
Prints professional-quality preformatted graphic test reports, complete with logos and data plots
Uploads copper and fiber test results from both WireScope 155 and WireScope 350
Limit Wizard function enables user to pre-configure and lock test settings for multiple WireScope 350 units to ensure consistency
Organizes cable tests by site, building, floor, wiring closet, etc., to simplify record navigation
Application can be freely distributed with test results to
facilitate customer access to on-line test reports
Stores test data in Microsoft Access database format
Can be integrated with popular cable management software solutions
The software is the ideal system for organizing and analyzing electronic test results for large projects or sites.

Fiber SmartProbe+ SM 1310nm 1550nm & MM 850nm & 1300nm Test Adapters

Single Mode & Multimode Fiber Test Adapters

A high performance optical fiber power meter or loss meter. The Fiber SmartProbe product line consists of a family of fiber optic test probes that measure optical loss, length and propagation delay and tests fibers in pairs or individually.

The Single Mode & Multimode Fiber SmartProbes provide simultaneous loss testing on each fiber,SM 1310nm & 1550nm & MM 850 and 1300 nm

For full Agilent Wirescope 350 SM MM product specifications, please click here: Agilent Wirescope 350 SM MM
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