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LAN Cable Certifiers Fluke Networks Fluke DSP Cable Analyzer Fluke DSP-4100



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1H75 - Fluke DSP-4100 Cat6 Cable Analyzer w/ FTA420 MM

Fluke Networks DSP-4100 CAT5 / CAT5e / CAT6 Digital Cable Analyzer with Fluke Networks DSP-FTA420 Multimode 850nm / 1300nm Fiber Module Set

DSP-FTA420 Monitors power at 850 nm, 1300 nm,  from optical sources, such as test equipment and optical interface cards.

Includes Carrying Case And Accessories As Listed!

DSP4100 DSP 4100 FTA420 FTA 420 DSP-FTA 420

Condition Refurbished / Calibrated
Warranty 90 Day Exchange
  • Fluke DSP-4100 Cable Analyzer
  • Fluke DSP-4100SR Smart Remote
  • Fluke DSP Series Calibration Module
  • Fluke (2) Basic Link Adapters Cat5/5e
  • Fluke (2) Channel Adapters Cat5/5e/6
  • Fluke DSP-FTA-420 Fiber Adapters Set
  • (2) MM SC-SC Fiber Cables
  • (2) AC Adapters
  • (2) Battery Packs
  • RS-232 PC Download Cable
  • Memory Card Reader
  • Talk Head Set
  • 128 Mb Memory Card
  • Memory Card Holder Case
  • BNC-RJ45
  • Carrying Straps
  • LinkWare Software
  • User Manual For FTA-420 On CD-ROM
  • User Manual On CD-ROM
  • Carrying Case

Fluke Digital Signal Processing technology delivers consistent, repeatable accuracy Superior diagnostics make troubleshooting fast and easy.

Graphic reports show professional certification results
Memory card allows instant data hand-off

Product Capabilities

The DSP-4100, the newest member of Fluke Networks' family of Digital Cable Analyzers, offers the same superior diagnostics and digital test accuracy of the DSP-4000, with the addition of comprehensive management capabilities.

Like the DSP-4000, the DSP-4100 certifies copper and fiber cabling installations to all current industry and application standards, as well as proposed TIA Cat 6 and ISO/IEC Class E performance standards.

If you own a DSP-4000, you can upgrade to a DSP-4100 with the DSP-4100E Upgrade Kit. The kit contains instructions for contacting Fluke Networks to schedule your upgrade with an authorized Fluke Service Center. A technician will upgrade your DSP-4000 main and remote units and return them with a removable 16-MB memory card, PC reader for the card, Fluke's Cable Manager™ Software, version 4.0 and a user manual.

Fluke Networks keeps its eye on the future - so you don't have to.

From superior diagnostics and extendible digital platform to extensive reporting capabilities, the DSP-4100 provides you with everything you need to test, certify and document copper and fiber installations - today and tomorrow.

Powerful, High Definition Diagnostics

The DSP-4100 helps you quickly identify and locate opens, breaks, short circuits, and anomalies in the cabling link. One touch of the FAULT-INFO key and the DSP-4100 automatically diagnoses the cabling faults while graphically displaying the link and location of the defect. Utilizing Enhanced High Definition Time Domain Crosstalk (HDTDX™) and High Definition Time Domain Reflectometry (HDTDR™), the DSP-4100 can precisely locate the position of a crosstalk problem any distance along the link -- measured in feet or meters -- from the tester. These high definition diagnostics make the DSP-4100 the industry's first cable tester to pinpoint sources of crosstalk or return loss anywhere along an entire link length.



The DSP-FTA420 lets you use a DSP-4100 CableAnalyzerÔ test tool to test and certify fiber optic cable installations. The fiber test adapter includes the following features:

  • Autotest function measures optical power loss and length on dual-fiber multimode Links. Provides pass/fail results based on common fiber test standards.
  • Includes built-in support for SFF (Small Form Factor) link testing.
  • Monitors power at 850 nm, 1300 nm,  from optical sources, such as test equipment and optical interface cards.
  • Transmits or receives light for performing quick continuity checks.
  • Graphic Help screens show you how to make the proper fiber connections.
  • FindFiber™ feature helps you verify optical connectivity.
  • Allows two-way voice communication over the fiber under test.
  • Saves fiber test results for printing or uploading to a PC.


Emitter type
Multimode LED
850nm & 1300nm
Power Output
20 dBm (10 mW), typical (into 62.5/125 mm fiber)
Power output stability (8 hours):
±0.25 dB at 23 °C
Power measurement accuracy:
±0.25 dBm at 23 °C, 45 % RH to 75 % RH, -20
dBm for 850 nm and 1300 nm,
Power measurement range:
+3 dBm to -50 dBm
+3 dBm to -50 dBm
±0.25 dB at 23 °C
Length Measurement:
5000 meters of 62.5 um multimode cable
Length measurement accuracy:
±1.5 m plus 2 % of length

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