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1H307 - Fluke Networks 990DSL Copper Pro Series II Tester

Fluke Networks 990DSL CopperPro Series 2 Loop Tester
Version 4.3.24

Please Note That In Order To Use The Golden Modem Option You Must Have The Golden Modem Unit. 
(Golden Modem Unit Not Included In Sale!)

Installed Options:
- GM (Golden Modem)

Includes Carrying Case & Accessories As Listed

990 DSL 990-DSL

Fluke Networks 990DSL 990-DSL Copper Pro Series II Tester Models On Sale Warranty Calibration Backed by The Best Service and Lowest Prices in the Industry.

BC# 31519-L/T*

Price: $1,695.00 / Each

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Condition Refurbished / Calibrated
  • Fluke 990DSL CopperPro Series 2 Loop Tester Version 4.3.24 w/ Options: (BC# 31519-L/T*)
    • VDSLU
    • GM (Golden Modem)
  • Test Leads Set
  • Battery Pack
  • AC Adapter/Charger
  • Power Cord
  • RS232 PC Interface Cable
  • User Manual On CD-ROM
  • Carrying Case (G)
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CopperPro Series II provides a full range of troubleshooting, fault locating, testing and qualification capabilities. That means top performance with fewer tools to carry. Plus, its rugged construction and easy-to-use features give your technicians the vision to build, repair, install, and maintain OSP systems more efficiently with fewer repeats

Streamline trouble calls
Step-by-step instructions make CopperPro Series II a breeze to set up. Use the unique TDR Auto-Test to:

  • Zero in on faults such as short bridge taps and shorted or open pairs.
  • Count and locate load coils.
  • Locate high resistance faults precisely, no matter the cable makeup.
  • Easily identify the source of broadband interference and impulse noise, up to VDSL bandwidth.

Expedite installation and maintenance
CopperPro Series II makes fast work of installing and maintaining service. The one-button POTS Auto-Test quickly documents status before and after work is complete. The CopperPro also gives you a clear view of all the basic tests you need to ensure top performance, including:

  • AC and DC voltage
  • Loop current
  • Circuit noise
  • Balance and leakage
  • CallerID/ANI

Plus, you can quickly run loss and slope tests with its automated dial-up testing, and use the built-in dial set with phone number storage. You can also verify xDSL connectivity, performance and capacity up to VDSL rates with optional xDSL golden modems.

A comprehensive set of copper loop testing functions
The CopperPro Series II packs all the test, analysis, and troubleshooting capabilities an OSP technician needs into one integrated handheld tool that gives a clear vision of your local loop, including:

  • DCV and ACV measurement (snapshot and continuous)
  • Shorts, grounds, and loop resistance with distance conversion
  • Resistive fault location (Wheatstone and K-Test)
  • Load coil counter with estimated distance to fault and impedance versus frequency graph to distinguish real results from false positives
  • Multimode TDR with Auto-Test: pair 1 test, compare pair 1 and 2, difference between pair 1 and 2, pair 1 monitor, pair 2 to pair 1 crosstalk, compare pair 1 to stored trace
  • Broadband noise and level spectral analysis with interference masks (VDSL bandwidth)
  • Broadband loss impulse noise reduction (VDSL bandwidth)
  • ADSL, ADSL2+, VDSL2 and XDSL Auto-Test for pair qualification (varies by model)
  • Optional ADSL1/2/2+ Modem (ATU-R)
  • Optional VDSL Modem (ATU-R and ATU-C)
  • Broadband terminated test macros (Terminator, SmartStrap, MyHelper, FED)
  • Leakage stress test to 200V
  • Loop device counter
  • Tracing tone with four modes
  • Voice frequency noise ? metallic and power influence
  • Voice frequency loss
  • Voice frequency longitudinal balance
  • Voice frequency tone generator
  • Automated POTS Auto-Test
  • Dial set and non-intrusive line monitor
  • Voice frequency terminated and dial-up test macros (SmartStrap, MyHelper, FED, SASS, DATU, SmartPro)

Multiple tools in one device
Building on the popularity of the original CopperPro, the Series II is a complete solution for testing, troubleshooting, and qualifying OSP copper cables and network services. The CopperPro Series II is easy to use and integrates multiple test tools into a single device that provides all the functions your technicians need, including:

  • Metallic testing, including voltage, resistance, balance, and noise
  • Fault locating using three terminal opens, RFL, or TDR
  • Advanced broadband troubleshooting and qualification for next generation services, including ADSL2+ and VDSL
  • Identifying voice and broadband noise and interference
  • Collecting and reporting comprehensive results
  • Integration with backoffice systems to update loop databases and maintain test results

Seamlessly integrate field testing with backoffice systems
Not only does the CopperPro Series II collect and store comprehensive test data, it also integrates with NetDSL plant conditioning and EXP Technician Productivity solutions to automate job close out and database updates. By integrating with the NetDSL process, the CopperPro Series II eliminates duplicate tasks and paperwork and requires no additional servers, systems, or interfaces.

As part of the Fluke Networks EXP productivity solution, the CopperPro Series II dramatically improves technician efficiency while significantly reducing repeats. Automated close-out tests assure consistent, complete testing and centralized test results make it easy to track results and monitor technical productivity.

990-GM/2+ Capabilities

Technology ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+
Emulation ATU-R (subscriber)
Connection PPoE, PPoE Static, PPoA, DHCP, Static IP, Bridged
Statistics Attainable B/R (Bit Rate, kb/s), up and down
Actual B/R (interleaved or non-interleaved), Channel 0 and
Channel 1 (kb/s), up and down Capacity Channel 0 and Channel 1
(%), up and down
Noise margin (dB), up and down
Transmit power (dBm), up and down
Line attenuation (dB), up and down
INP (Impulse Noise Protection), up and down
Interleaver delay (ms), up and down
PSD (Power Spectral Density, dBm/Hz), up and down
Bits/Bin and SNR/Bin graphs
Link status
Number of syncs
CRC errors, NE and FE
DSLAM Vendor
Network Ping Results
ATM HEC Errors, NE & FE
Uncorr. Blk. Err. (Uncorrectable Block Errors), NE & FE

For full Fluke Networks 990 DSL Series II product specifications, please click here: Fluke Networks 990 DSL Series II
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