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1H224 - Fluke Networks TN2100 Enhanced Terminator

Fluke Networks TN2100 Enhanced Terminator Far End Device

The Fluke Networks Model TN2100 Enhanced Terminator is an accessory device to the Fluke Networks 990DSL CopperPro Loop Tester
(990DSL Must have Software Version 3.00 Or Later)

Fluke Networks TN2100 TN-2100 Enhanced Terminator Far End Device Models On Sale Warranty Calibration Backed by The Best Service and Lowest Prices in the Industry.

BC# 29964-L/T*

Price: $395.00 / Each

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Condition Refurbished
  • Fluke Networks TN2100 Enhanced Terminator (BC# 29964-L/T*)
  • Carrying Case
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 Fluke Networks TN2100 Enhanced Terminator

“Terminate” wasted time, money and dispatches
Just attach the battery-powered Terminator to the far end of a cable pair. Together with a single 990 CopperPro, Terminator provides VF and WB terminations and tones for terminated transmission testing. It also supports the 990DSL’s composite tone generation capability for high-speed ADSL, special services, and wideband longitudinal balance tests. The bottom line? By reducing failure frequency, repeats and chronic problems, Terminator puts an end to unnecessary dispatches and fines.

Save time and money. Gain higher performance.
  • Saves money and optimizes your workforce with “one tech out” terminated testing of out-of-service pairs
  • High-speed acceptance/qualification tests, including loop attenuation – a must for HDSL2/4
  • Robust error checking at start-up eliminates time-consuming false starts and assures reliable communication with the CopperPro
  • High-speed testing makes technicians more efficient; the CopperPro’s unique composite tone capability can sweep thousands of frequencies in seconds
Terminator: one add-on module; 13 testing advantages
  1. Loop terminations and VF/WB single tones for testing on either of two pairs (Pair 1 and 2)
  2. Bridging/splitting access between Pair 1 and Pair 3 (CO Pair)
  3. Composite VF and WB tones for greatly increased testing speed
  4. DTMF signaling control on both Pair 1 and Pair 2 (Pair 1 alone, if powered down)
  5. Signaling and testing on the same pair (either Pair 1 or 2)
  6. Extremely low-power mode when turned off
  7. DTMF transceiver switchable via relay to either Pair 1 (default) or Pair 2, or removed from both for a preset time interval whenever its input impedance would affect the 990 CopperPro measurement from the far end (i.e., shorts and grounds, or opens)
  8. Operable from a standard butt-set, when line powering is present (i.e., idle POTS line)
  9. DTMF command protocol allows for “Ack/Nack” closed-loop feedback response to control commands, increasing reliability
  10. Tracing Tone mode (TR metallic 577 Hz signal) 
  11. Powered by a standard, off-the-shelf 9 VDC alkaline non-rechargeable battery
  12. Battery cover removable without using a tool
  13. Operates from an external 12-15 VDC power source, such as the AC and DC power cords provided with the 990 CopperPro, automatically disconnecting the internal battery when plugged in

Source Internal: replaceable 9 VDC alkaline battery
External: 9-18 VDC AC power adapter or DC auto power cord
Shelf life 2 months (battery installed)
Operating life 40 hours (typical usage )
Input Voltage Protection
Test lead inputs ± 350 VDC and 250 VAC, TG and RG
VF Transmit Frequencies
Amplitude, single tones 0.0 dBm ± 0.5 dB
Amplitude, composite SmartTone -13 dBm composite
Frequency range 300 Hz to 20 kHz, ± 0.1%
Transmit impedance 600 or 900 ohms
WB Transmit Frequencies
Amplitude, single tones  0.0 dBm ± 0.5 dB
Amplitude, composite tone-sets Variable, depending on tone-set
Frequency range  10 kHz to 1200 kHz
Frequency resolution  Multiples of 508.626 Hz
Impedance 100 or 135 ohms
Tracing Tone
Frequencies 577.5 Hz : 500 ms on, 500 ms off, Metallic (TR)
Amplitude > 3.5 Vpp

For full Fluke Networks TN2100 product specifications, please click here: Fluke Networks TN2100
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