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2i06 - Fujikura FSM-20CSII SM MM Fiber Arc Fusion Splicer

Fujikura FSM-20CSII SingleMode & MultiMode Fiber Arc Fusion Splicer

Singlemode Fiber: Core Alignment
Multimode Fiber: Cladding Alignment

Includes 6 Month Fusion Splicer Care Kit (FS6MC)
- 4oz Flip Jar Of 99% Alcohol 
- (50) Non-Lint Dry Wipes 
- (6) Fiber Optic Wipes w/ 99% Alcohol 
- 2oz Pump Fast Evaporating Mirror Spray 
- (25) Camera Swabs 
- (25) V-Groove Swabs

Includes USFiberOptic USF-21C High Precision Fiber Cleaver, Hard Carrying Case & Accessories As Listed 


Fujikura FSM-20CSII FSM20CSII Fusion Splicer Models On Sale Warranty Calibration Backed by The Best Service and Lowest Prices in the Industry.

BC# 31795-L/T*

Price: $1,495.00 / Each

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Condition Refurbished / Calibrated
Warranty 90 Day Exchange
  • Fujikura FSM-20CSII Arc Fusion Splicer (BC# 31795-L/T*)
  • USFiberOptic USF-21C High Precision Fiber Cleaver
  • Clauss CFS-2 Fiber Optic Stripper
  • 6 Month Fusion Splicer Care Kit FS6MC:
    • 4oz Flip Jar Of 99% Alcohol
    • (50) Non-Lint Dry Wipes
    • (6) Fiber Optic Wipes w/ 99% Alcohol
    • 2oz Pump Fast Evaporating Mirror Spray
    • (25) Camera Swabs
    • (25) V-Groove Swabs
  • DC Power Cord
  • Power Cord
  • Hard Copy User Manual
  • Hard Carrying Case
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Fujikura FSM20CSII fusion splicer utilizes a PAS (Profile Alignment System) that aligns the core of single-mode and the cladding of multimode fibers. A built in monitor allows cross-sectional viewing of the prepared fiber ends, and displays cleave angle and estimated splice loss. the system will splice both single-mode and multi-mode fibers. Alignment, fusion and splice loss estimation are automatically completed by the built-in computer.


  • Fiber Splicing Capabilities: SM, MM
  • Splice Loss Estimation Function/ Calculation Capability
  • Atmosphere, humidity and temperature compensation functions provided
  • 3" LCD monitor with excellent view ability in direct sunlight
  • Memory: 100 splice data sets with internal memory
  • High Intensity Halogen Inspection Lamp

The FSM-20CSII Arc Fusion Splicer is used for splicing SM (Single Mode) optical fiber and MM (Multi Mode) optical fiber. Mutual aligning of both SM and MM optical fibers is performed automatically by the image processing microcomputer built into the splicer. The power source applicable for this system is AC85-265V (50160Hz) or DCIO- 15V. The AC voltage selection is automatic.

It can be preset for 20 different splicing modes (10 settings for SM fibers and 10 settings for MM fibers). This allows various fiber types to be spliced. Each mode consists of 6 parameters (ARC POWER, ARC TIME, FORWARD, PREFUSE, GAP, ECF). See Section 2.1.2. For SMl-SM10, core axis alignment and splice loss estimation are performed automatically. For MMl-MMlO, fiber cladding alignment and splice loss estimation are performed automatically.

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