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2i03 - Fujikura FSM-60S Fusion Splicer With Cleaver

Fujikura AFL FSM-60S SM & MM Core Alignment Fusion Splicer

The FSM-60S splices a fiber in 9 seconds and heats a 60mm splice sleeve in 30 seconds, for a total cycle time of only 39 seconds.

Includes 6 Month Fusion Splicer Care Kit (FS6MC)
- 4oz Flip Jar Of 99% Alcohol 
- (50) Non-Lint Dry Wipes 
- (6) Fiber Optic Wipes w/ 99% Alcohol 
- 2oz Pump Fast Evaporating Mirror Spray 
- (25) Camera Swabs 
- (25) V-Groove Swabs

Includes Fujikura CT-30 High Precision Fiber Cleaver, Hard Carrying Case & Accessories As Listed 

FSM 60 S 60S FSM60 FSM60S FSM-60

Fujikura FSM-60S FSM60S Fusion Splicer Models On Sale Warranty Calibration Backed by The Best Service and Lowest Prices in the Industry.

BC# 34099-L/T* 34100-L/T*

Price: $5,995.00 / Each

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Condition Refurbished / Calibrated
  • Fujikura FSM-60S Arc Fusion Splicer (BC# 34099-L/T*)
  • Fujikura CT-30 High Precision Fiber Cleaver w/ Case (BC# 34100-L/T*)
  • Clauss CFS-2 Fiber Optic Stripper
  • 6 Month Fusion Splicer Care Kit FS6MC:
    • 4oz Flip Jar Of 99% Alcohol
    • (50) Non-Lint Dry Wipes
    • (6) Fiber Optic Wipes w/ 99% Alcohol
    • 2oz Pump Fast Evaporating Mirror Spray
    • (25) Camera Swabs
    • (25) V-Groove Swabs
  • Fujikura ADC-13 AC Adapter
  • Power Cord
  • USB PC Interface Cable
  • Strap For Unit
  • User Manual on CD-ROM
  • Hard Carrying Case w/ Strap
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The FSM-60S fusion splicer sets the standard for core alignment fusion splicing by incorporating a user-friendly interface with enhanced features to provide the most rugged and reliable fusion splicer in the market today. The new rugged construction adds improved reliability by resisting shock, dust, and rain, and can withstand a 30â?? drop test.

The FSM-60S splices a fiber in 9 seconds and heats a 60mm splice sleeve in 30 seconds, for a total cycle time of only 39 seconds. New features, such as automatic tube heater operation, user-selectable clamping method (sheath clamp or fiber holder system), automated monitor image orientation, and battery charge capability during splicer operation provide the end user a productivity tool they can count on.

New software included provides the ability to download splice data to a PC for splice data reporting, download splicer operating software via the internet to maintain peak performance, and download video images from the splicer to enhance technical support.


  • Rugged construction providing shock, dust and moisture resistance
  • Dual monitor position with automatic image orientation
  • Automatic arc calibration and fiber identification
  • User-selectable fiber clamping method â?? sheath clamp or fiber holders
  • Auto-start tube heater feature
  • Color LCD display with anti-reflective coating for excellent visibility in bright sunlight
  • Simultaneous battery charge and splicer operation
  • Long life battery (up to 160 splice/heat cycles per charge)
  • Detachable work table incorporated into the transit case
  • Data and video download software and splicer upgrade software included; software upgrades through PC application via the internet
  • Green friendly â?? RoHS & WEEE compliant


Applicable Fibers  Single-mode (ITU-T G.652),  multimode (ITU-T G.651), DS (ITU -T G.653), NZDS (ITU-T G.655) 
Cladding Diameter  80µm to150µm 
Coating Diameter  100µm to 1,000µm 
Fiber Cleave Length  8 to 16mm with 250µm coating diameter, 16mm with 900µm coating diameter 
Typical Average Splice Loss  0.02dB with Sm, 0.01dB with  mm, 0.04dB with DS, 0.04dB with NZDS 
Measured by cut-back method relevant to ITU-T and IEC standards 
Splicing Time  Typical 9 seconds with standard single-mode fiber 
Arc Calibration  method  Automatic, real-time and by using results of previous splice when in AUTO mode, manual arc calibration function available 
Splicing  modes  100 preset and user programmable modes 
Splice Loss Estimate  Based upon dual camera core alignment data 
Storage of Splice Result  Last 2000 results to be stored in the internal memory 
Fiber Display  X or Y, or both X and Y simultaneously. Front or rear monitor display options with automated image orientation 
Magnification  300X for single X or Y view, or 187X for X and Y view 
Viewing  method  Dual cameras with 4.1 inch TFT color LCD monitor 
Operating Condition  0 to 5,000m above sea level, 0 to 95%RH and -10 to 50°C respectively 
Mechanical Proof Test  1.96 to 2.25N 
Tube Heater  Built-in tube heater with 30 heating modes; auto-start function 
Tube Heating Time  Typical 30 seconds with FP-03 sleeve, 35 seconds with FP3 (40), 35-55 seconds with Fujikura micro sleeves 
Protection Sleeve Length  60mm, 40mm, micro 
Splice/Heat Cycles with Battery  Typical 160 cycles with power save functions activated 
Power Supply  Auto voltage selection from 100 to 240V AC or 10 to 15V DC with ADC-11, 13.2V DC with BTR-08 battery 
Terminals  USB 1.1 (USB-B type) for PC communication.  mini-DIN (6-pin) for HJS-02/03 and SH-8 tube heater 
Wind Protection  Maximum wind velocity of 15m/s. (34 mph) 
Dimensions  136W x 161D x 143H (mm) / 5.3W x 6.3D x 5.6H (inches) 
Weight  2.3 kg (5.1 lbs) with AC adapter ADC-11; 2.7kg (5.9 lbs) with BTR-08 battery 

For full Fujikura FSM-60S product specifications, please click here: Fujikura FSM-60S
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