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OTDR's GNNettest LaserPrecision



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3K06 - GN Nettest CMA4000 SM MM VFL PM OTDR

GN Nettest CMA4000 Mainframe with 340M-6510 Singlemode 1310nm / 1550nm & Multimode 850nm / 1300nm OTDR Module. OTDR Module also has PowerMeter and VFL Options Installed!

Condition Refurbished / Calibrated
Warranty 90 Day Exchange
  • GN Nettest CMA4000 OTDR MainFrame
  • Siecor 340M-5610 Module Module
    • SingleMode 1310nm 1550nm
    • MultiMode 850nm 1300nm
    • VFL
    • Power Meter
    • Fiber Cables:
    • MM SC-SC
    • MM ST-SC
    • (2) SM ST-SC
  • Networks/OTDR v. 3.1A Traceview Emulation Software
  • Carrying Strap
  • (1) Battery Pack
  • AC Adapter/Charger
  • Power Cord
  • RS232 PC Interface Cable
  • Manual On CD-ROM
  • Hard Case

"The fastest, smartest, and easiest OTDR in the world!"

When it comes to fiber optic testing, time is money.  That's why we designed the CMA4000.  It offers all the features of a mainframe OTDR in a rugged, economical, field-portable unit and its unique features make it better than other OTDRs.  Intelligent software minimizes necessary steps to perform frequent functions, its multi-tasking ability allows the CMA4000 to test, analyze and display data faster than any other OTDR available.  Plus, it has incredible deadzone, dynamic range performance, tri and quad-wavelength optics and is fully configurable.  In other words, it's the only piece of equipment you'll ever need for all your basic fiber optic testing -- whether for installation, maintenance or fault location.

Incredible dynamic range and short deadzones.
The CMA4000 offers a test range of 21 to 46dB, the highest dynamic range in the world.  That means you can test longer lengths of fiber with greater resolution and less averaging time.  Plus, with deadzones as short as 2.5 m, you can be sure you're getting complete and accurate data for your entire length of cable.

The CMA4000 makes your job faster and easier with dozens of unique features:
 * One button to test and save
 * Automatic evaluation of the test fiber for connection quality and traffic
 * Multi-tasking software simultaneously test and analyzes trace data to display results in seconds
 * An panel of dedicated keys for easy access to functions you use most as well as a convenient onboard keyboard for entering file names
 * Automated software prompts the user for the required information about the cable under test and keeps track of the fibers as they are tested

The best value for your money.
The CMA4000 is the one piece of equipment that can meet virtually all your basic fiber optic testing needs.  If you choose to incorporate a standard power meter, optical return loss test set, light source and visual fault locator, it's the only piece of equipment you'll ever need.  You can customize your unit with optional languages, power cords, connectors, keyboard layouts, and date and time formats.  The built-in keyboard let you enter important text data, and the large 8.4” display with optional VGA color and flexible configuration, makes the screen easy to read under any testing condition.  Plus, the environmentally sealed modules and buttons - along with the rugged case - protect the CMA4000 from dust, rain and impact.

Easy documentation makes it simpler for you.
The programmable autosave lets you save test results on the harddrive or floppy in a format that makes sense for your network.  These virtually eliminate typing mistakes while saving time in the field.  When used in conjunction with our GN NetWorks Software, the CMA4000 can perform a variety of trace manipulations, such as trace overlay, graphing, batch printing and bi-directional averaging reports.

* Hybrid Multimode/ Single-mode Module: 340M-5610
* Center Wavelength (±20 nm): 850/1300nm 1310/1550nm
* Dynamic Range: MM - 23/25dB SM - 22/21dB
* Attenuation Deadzone: 8/9m 11/12m

General Module
* Reflective Deadzone (typical): 3 m (multimode) / 3.5 m (single-mode)
* Pulse width (wavelength dependent): 4 ns to 10 ?s (multimode); 10 ns to 30 ?s (single-mode)
* Spectral Width (RMS): 10 nm
* Loss Resolution: 0.001 dB
* Distance Resolution: 0.0001 km; 0.01 meters; 0.001 kft; 1ft; 0.0001 mi
* Distance Sampling: 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 m (range dependent)
* Distance Accuracy: 0.0025% of distance measurement +/- distance resolution +/- index uncertainty
* Laser Certification: CDRH class 1 requirements (eye safe) 21 CFR

Mainframe and General Specifications:
 * Display Type: 10.4-in Active Matrix Color (TFT)
 * Units of Measure: Meters, Feet (selectable)
 * Operating Temperature: AC power: 0° to 45°C (32° to 122°F); Battery: 0° to 40°C (32° to 104°F)
 * Storage Temperature: -20° to +60°C (-4° to 140°F)
 * Humidity: 95% RH maximum, non-condensing
 * Maximum Altitude: 50,000 ft
 * Power Supply: Battery: 6 hr typical battery life-(2); recharge time: 1.5 to 2 hr; AC: 100-250 V, 47-63 Hz; Autoranging: 12 V DC operation
 * Weight: 11.0 lb (4.9 kg) includes battery and module
 * Dimensions: 9.5 x 13.5 x 3.75 in (24.1 x 34.3 x 9.5 cm); includes mainframe, 1 module and battery
 * Data Points: Up to 16,000
 * Tone for Fiber Identification: 2 kHz
 * Mass Storage: Internal Solid-State Memory: up to 125 traces; floppy (included): 1.44 Mb, 3.5-in; hard drive (optional): over 80,000 traces

Visual Fault Locator Option
* Wavelength: 635 ± 10 nm
* Output Power: ??-2 dBm (0 dBm max)
* Transmission: CW or 2 Hz (blink)
* Connector (fixed): FC, SC, or ST® Compatible
* Laser Certification: IEC 825 Class 2, FDA (21CFR), Class 2

Single-mode Laser Source Option
* Wavelength: 1310/1550 nm (same as module)
* Output Power: ??-10 dBm, typical
* Stability (+23°C, 8 hrs): ± 0.2 dB
* Spectral Width (RMS): ??10 nm, typical
* Modulation: Continuous, 1 kHz and 2 kHz
* Laser Certification: CDRH CLASS 1 21CFR requirements (eye safety)

Power Meter Option
* Calibrated Wavelengths: 850/1300/1310/1550/1625* nm
* Optical Meter Range: Standard: +10 to -55 dBm
* (factory-installed): CATV: +20 to -45 dBm, with mf-460 filter
* Detector Type: 2 mm Ge PIN photodiode
* Wavelength: 800 - 1800 nm
* Resolution: 0.01 dBm, 0.01% Watts
* Store Reference Mode: Yes
* Accuracy: ± 4% @ +5 to -50 dBm ± 8% @ +10 to +5 dBm and @ -50 to -55 dBm
* Linearity: ± 0.04 dB, +5 to -55 dBm

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