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2A10 - JDSU Viavi SmartClass Ethernet Optical Tester

JDSU SmartClass Optical & Electrical Ethernet Tester

Installed Options:
- CSC-OPT: Ethernet Optical
- CSC-TRF: Electrical Traffic
- CSC-MPL: MPLS Software
- CSC-STR: Multiple Streams
- CSC-ASY: Asymmetric RFC

Loop back and filter incoming traffic at IP or Ethernet layer.

Includes Avago AFBR-5725APZ 850 nm Transceiver, Carrying Case & Accessories As Listed

JDSU SmartClass Ethernet Ethernet Test Tool SmartClass-Ethernet Ethernet Test Tool Models On Sale Warranty Calibration Backed by The Best Service and Lowest Prices in the Industry.

BC# 31319-L/T*

Price: $1,895.00 / Each

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Condition Refurbished / Calibrated
  • JDSU SmartClass Ethernet Tester w/ Options: (BC# 31319-L/T*)
    • CSC-OPT: Ethernet Optical
    • CSC-TRF: Electrical Traffic
    • CSC-MPL: MPLS Software
    • CSC-STR: Multiple Streams
    • CSC-ASY: Asymmetric RFC
  • Avago AFBR-5725APZ 850 nm Transceiver
  • Ethernet Cable
  • SmarClass Ethernet Traning CD
  • (2) MM LC-LC Duplex Fiber Cables
  • AC Adapter/Charger
  • USB PC Interface Cable
  • User Manual On Cd-ROM
  • Carrying Case w/ Strap
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JDSU SmartClass Ethernet

Ethernet Services Testing
The SmartClass Ethernet provides an economical 1 G Ethernet test set with optical and electrical interfaces that is an easy-to-use, entry-level Ethernet/IP tester for front-line technicians who support Metro Ethernet networks. The compact,rugged, and battery-operated SmartClass is ideal for technicians turning up Ethernet and Internet Protocol (IP) services in the field.

Technicians can use the SmartClass Ethernet for physical layer cable testing, Layer 2/3 (L2/L3) traffic generation, and full RFC2544 Ethernet testing. The tester serves as a simple loopback device to partner with other Ethernet testers in the JDSU portfolio

The SmartClass Ethernet now has Multiple Streams and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) options to allow policy testing in converged triple-play networks, and the Asymmetric RFC2544 option enables easy verification of services with different up and downstream data rates.

Loopback Testing
The SmartClass Ethernet is available in a simple L2-L4 loopback device configuration for other testers in the JDSU portfolio, such as the T-BERD®/MTS-8000, T-BERD®/MTS-6000A, FST-2802, HST-3000, QT-600, and SmartClass Ethernet. A far-end device, such as the T-BERD/MTS-6000A, can command the SmartClass Ethernet to apply a loop and then generate traffic toward it. Technicians can measure parameters, such as round-trip delay and throughput, on the far-end device using the SmartClass Ethernet to loop traffic back. The SmartClass Ethernet Loopback mode enables selected Ethernet traffic to be looped back from a live link, which enables technicians to loop back test traffic only, conduct loopback testing on a live network in the presence of non-test traffic.

Ethernet and IP Traffic Generation,Analysis, and Filtering
The SmartClass Ethernet offers a 1 G optical and a 10/100/1000 Mb/s electrical Ethernet port that can be optioned to provide Ethernet and IP traffic transmit capabilities. The Traffic Option lets technicians generate Ethernet or IP frames with configurable parameters, such as bandwidth utilization, frame length, and frame payload with varying traffic speeds and flow types. Configure IP packets with different destination IP addresses, source IP address, type of service (TOS)/ Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) field, and MPLS labels or virtual local area network (VLAN) tags. Use the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server to assign the IP address of the tester to prevent IP address clashes.

The SmartClass Ethernet can transmit traffic to measure throughput of the network, latency, loss, jitter (RFC3393) and packet/frame errors—characteristics necessary to verify QoS is set to correctly deliver the Ethernet service according to the customer’s service level agreement, which can also prove network capability for transporting real-time applications such as IP voice and video traffic.

RFC2544 Automated Test
To verify that they are meeting SLAs,service providers often run a full suite of tests at turn-up known as the RFC2544, which are wrapped into an easy-to-use auto test on the SmartClass Ethernet. With one button press, technicians can configure the link with their saved settings and tests against customizable thresholds, thus performing the test the same way every time with consistent, repeatable results.

Physical Layer Diagnostics
On electrical Ethernet circuits, the SmartClass Ethernet can display the link speed, link status, cable status, media dependent interface/media dependent interface crossover (MDI/MDIX) type, and distance-to-fault with one button press. To verify connectivity on fiber links, it reports the power level of the optical signal. These features let technicians quickly identify physical layer problems.

Graphical Reporting
All test results are safely stored within the SmartClass Ethernet unit and can be easily retrieved and turned into a report using JDSU Download Manager software, included with each unit. Save reports in an Excel® spreadsheet, text, or PDF format. Test reports graphically show end customers network performance test results or can document information about network performance for internal use.

  • Generates and measures L2/L3 traffic on up to 1G electrical or optical Ethernet interfaces with VLAN, Q-in-Q tags, or MPLS labels
  • RFC2544 proves acceptance for Ethernet service level agreements
  • MPLS Test checks for correct policing and prioritization in MPLS domains using the MPLS option
  • Physical Layer tests verify integrity of the physical layer to pass traffic before testing throughput
  • Ethernet Loopback completes the JDSU Ethernet field test portfolio

Electrical Ethernet/IP
100/100/1000 Mbps Single RJ45
Optical Ethernet/IP
1000 Mbps SFP Interface
Modes of Operation Traffic,Streams, RFC2544, Asymmetric RFC2544,Loopback, Pattern,Ping,Traceroute,CableTest,and OpticalPower Measurement
Traffic Testing
Link Configuration
Duplex Modes Full/Half
Flow Control
Traffic Generation
Ethernet Constant, Ramp, Bursty,Flood ConfigurablesourceanddestinationMACaddress,frameformat, framelength (includingundersizedandjumboframes), VLAN ID,VLAN priority,framepayload,utilization%,configurable SVLAN ID,SVLAN priority,SVLAN DEI,SVLAN TPI,CVLAN ID, CVLAN priority
IP Constant, Ramp, Bursty,Flood,Ping,Tracerouteconfigurable sourceanddestination IPaddress,subnet mask,defaultgateway,TTL,packet length (includingundersizedandjumbo frames),packetpayload,utilization %,TOS/DSCPconfigurable DHCPserveraddress for staticordynamicaddressing ARP support,MPLSEthertype,2 MPLSlabels,MPLSID,MPLSpriority, MPLSTTL,MPLS ARPenable/disable
EthernetStreams Constant Per stream configurablesourceanddestination MACaddress, frameformat,framelength (includingundersizedandjumbo frames),VLAN ID,VLAN priority,framepayload,utilization %, configurableSVLAN ID,SVLAN priority,SVLAN DEI,SVLAN TPI, CVLAN ID,CVLAN priority
IP Streams Constant Per stream configurablesourceanddestination IPaddress, subnet mask,defaultgateway,TTL,packet length (including undersizedandjumboframes),packetpayload,utilization %, TOS/DSCPconfigurable DHCPserveraddress for staticor dynamicaddressing ARPsupport,fillbyte,VLAN ID,VLAN priority,framepayload,utilization %,configurableSVLAN ID, SVLAN priority,SVLAN DEI,SVLAN TPI,CVLAN ID,CVLAN priority
Traffic Filtering
MACsource and destination address,SVLAN ID,SVLAN priority, SVLAN TPI,CVLAN ID,CVLAN prioritysourceanddestination IP addresses,prefix length,TOS/DSCPfields
RFC2544 and Asymmetric RFC2544 Automated Testing
Frame Loss
Frame Jitter
Bit Error Testing Patterns
Layer 2 (Framed) Bit Error Patterns PRBS(223-1 ,231-1 ,andinvertedselections)
All Ones, All Zeros,User Defined
Framed Pattern NCITS TR-25:1999 Long continuous random test pattern (CRPAT)
Long continuous jitter test pattern (CJPAT)
Long compliant supply noise pattern (CSPAT)
Key Results
Link Status Link active
Frame detected
Sync obtained
Configuration Status Auto-negotiation link configuration ACK
Auto-negotiation link advertisement status
Destination MAC address,when using ARP
Link Stats Bandwidth utilization,framerate, RX/TXL1 Mbps, RX/TXL2 Mbps,round-tripdelay,servicedisruption time,CVLAN ID, SVLAN ID,CVLAN priority,SVLAN priority, Avgand Max packet jitter
Link Counts FCS errored frames ,runts, jabbers,undersized frames, OOS frames, lost frames, IP checksum errors, IP packet length errors,JDSU payload errors
Multiple Stream Results Summary: status, sync, link active, errors
IP Config Status: IP source and destination, subnet mask, gateway addresses per stream Link Stats: bandwidth utilization, framerate, RX/TXL1 Mbps, RX/TXL2 Mbps, service disruption time
Link Counts Total received and transmitted frames, pause, VLAN,  Q-in-Q, unicast, multicast, broadcast, spanning tree frames, RX/TX framebytes, framelength (Bins),  RX collisions, TX collisions,TX late collisions,TXdefers
Error Stats FCS errored frames, runts, jabbers, undersized frames, lost frames,frameloss ratio, IP checksum errors, IP packet length errors, JDSU payload errors
Per Stream Results Bandwidth utilization (Avg,Current,Min,Max), RX Acterna frames,L1 RX Mbps,L2 RX Mbps,delay(Current, Avg),packet jitter (Avg), lost frames,frameloss ratio
Physical Testing Link speed, link status,cable status, MDI/MDIX, distance to fault, pin mapping, pair length, polarity,skew
Optical power measurement (dBm)
Power Supply
4 AA field-replaceablebatteries (NiMH and Alkaline)
Battery operating time approx.4 hrs of typical usage
Supports sleep mode (instant-on, auto power off after2 hrs)
AC line operation via external adapter/charger
AC converter provides country Specific adaptor support (USA,UK, Australia,Europe)
Charging time, internal : 4 hrs from empty to full
Language Support
TheSmart Class Ethernet supports Simplified Chinese ,English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish
Permissible Ambient Temperature Nominal range of use: 0 to +50°C
Storage and transport –10 to +60°C
Operating humidity 10 to 90%
Size(H xW x D) 230 x 120 x 50 mm (9-1/16 x 4-3/4 x 2in)
Weight, including batteries <1 kg (2lb)
Display 320 x 240 pixel color

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