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DM02 - ODM TTK 650 SM Fiber Loss Test & Inspection Kit

ODM TTK 650 Fiber Inspection, Test & Cleaning Kit
ODM RP 460 SingleMode Power Meter w/
ODM DLS 355 Dual SingleMode 1310/1550nm Laser Source w/
ODM VF 610 Visual Fault Locator w/ 
ODM VIS 400 HDP Visual Inspection Scope 
Windows Nu Vision Tablet

Power Meter Wavelengths:
- 850nm
- 1310nm
- 1490nm
- 1550nm

ODM’s TTK 650 provides test technicians and contractors with high-end hardware and software to guarantee industry standard compliance in single mode fiber optic-based telecommunications

Includes Hard Carrying Case & Accessories As Listed

TTK650 TTK-650 VF-610 VIS-400 RP-460

ODM TTK 650 TTK-650 Fiber Loss Test & Inspection Kit Models On Sale Warranty Calibration Backed by The Best Service and Lowest Prices in the Industry.

BC# 17509M-L/T* 17508M-L/T* 17510M-L/T* 17507M-L/T* 33591-L/T*

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Condition Refurbished
  • Windows Nu Vision Tablet w/ Case (BC# 33591-L/T*)
  • ODM RP 460 SingleMode MultiMode Optical Power Meter (BC# 17510M-L/T*)
    • Power Meter:
      • 850nm
      • 1310nm
      • 1490nm
      • 1550nm
    • LC Connector For Power Meter
    • 2.5mm Adapter For Power Meter
  • ODM DLS 355 Dual SingleMode Laser Source (BC# 17509M-L/T*)
    • SM Source:
      • 1310nm
      • 1550nm
    • SC Connector For Source
  • ODM VF 610 Visual Fault Locator (BC# 17508M-L/T*)
  • ODM VIS 400 HDP Visual Inspection Scope (BC# 17507M-L/T*)
    • LC Tip For Scope
    • LC-60 Tip For Scope
    • 2.5mm Tip For Scope
    • SC Tip For Scope
  • IBC Brand Cleaner H125
  • AC 750 Stylus Pen
  • ODM Termination Plug w/ Strap
  • (2) SM SC-LC Fiber Cables
  • (2) LC-LC Duplex Fiber Cables
  • USB Adapter Cable
  • USB Quick Charger
  • Fiber Wash Cleaner Pen
  • (2) USB PC Interface Cables
  • User Manual On CD-ROM
  • Hard Carrying Case
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 ODM TTK 650 Fiber Inspection, Test and Cleaning Kit
ODMâ??s TTK 650 provides test technicians and contractors with high-end hardware and software to guarantee industry standard compliance in single mode fiber optic-based telecommunications. The TTK 650 contains all equipment necessary to inspect, clean, and test fiber optic cables, while ODMâ??s proprietary software allows for professional closeout reporting.

The VIS 400 HDP probe connects with the included 8â?? Windows OS tablet to allow testers to evaluate and grade connector endfaces using IEC standards before joining fibers.Manual and automated analysis modes guarantee clean and reliable optical connections.

To properly clean connector endfaces that fail to meet the IEC standard, the TTK 650 contains a complete system of â??one-clickâ?? dry cleaners and the SqR Cleaning Pad with Fiber Wash Pen for wet/dry cleaning. When used correctly, these tools can clean endfaces to meet the IEC 61300-3-35 industry standard.

The RP 460 Optical Power Meter, when used in conjunction with the DLS 355 Light Source and included jumpers, offers complete loopback dB loss readings for the most commonly used transmission wavelengths for wireless carriers. The Optical Power Meter can be used in conjunction with inSpecâ?¢ software to provide live readings for image archiving and closeout loss reports.

The VF 610 Visual Fault Locator provides a 635nm red laser source that allows technicians to view bends or breaks in optical fiber. Broken fibers must be removed from fiber optic systems to ensure full functionality.

  • Fiber Connector Inspection
    • USB connectivity to 8â?? tablet allows for automated and manual fiber endface inspection
    • Comprehensive PASS/FAIL analysis compliant with IEC 61300-3-35 industry standard
  • Connector Cleaning
    • Complete wet/dry cleaning system ensures the cleanest fiber endfaces possible
    • Materials included for 1000 connector cleanings
  • dB Loss Testing
    • Optical Power Meter with archiving ability and streaming data to tablet via USB
    • Laser light source provides telecom industry standard wavelengths for testing loss in single mode systems
  • Fiber Identification/Fault Location
    • VF610 red laser allows observation of bends and breaks in fibers under test

RP 460 Power Meter
Wavelength range 850nm to 1625nm
Resolution 0.01dB
Absolute accuracy +/- 0.25dB
Optical interface Universal 2.5mm
Tone identification 2kHz Incoming signal, Audible Alert
Power on Push button ON, Auto shutoff
Storage Store up to 1000 measurements per wavelength
Data transfer Mini USB Port (1000 points/wavelength)
Dimensions 6.1x.94x.75 in. (15.5x2.38x1.90cm)
Weight 3.0 oz (8.5g)
DSL 355 Optical Source
Wavelength 1310nm & 1550nm Laser
Output power - 4.0 dBm Typ.
Laser Classification Class 1 (FDA 21 CFR 1040, 11)
Output stability 5nm/5nm
Optical interface SC Connector
Tone Output 2kHz
Power on Push button ON, Auto shutoff
Battery CR 2, Optional AC power for long term
Dimensions 6.1x.94x.75 in. (15.5x2.38x1.90cm)
Operating temperature -10 to 50°C
Storage temperature -30 to 60°C
VF 610 Visual Fault Locator
Wavelength 635nm
Optical Output Power 635 nm Laser, 1 mW FDA 2, IEC 2
Power On ON/OFF Pushbutton
Battery 1000 operations, 3.0V, CR2
Low Battery LED Indication
Modulation 2Hz modulation
Operating Temperature - 10° C to + 55° C
Storage Temperature - 30° C to + 70° C
Weight 3.0 oz (85g)
Physical 6.10in (15.5cm) H .940in (2.38cm) W .750in (1.90cm) D
VIS 400-HDP Probe
Camera Megapixel â?? High Definition â?? CMOS Sensor
Field of View 860 x 640µm
Resolution <1 micron
Lighting Technique Coaxial
Focus System ODM Proprietary External Focus System
Probe Output USB 2.0
PASS/FAIL analysis User-selectable or IEC 61300-3-35-compliant
Size Probe â?? 7â?? x 1â?? x .75â?? (180mm x 25mm x 19mm)
Weight (probe, case and tips) 1.2 lbs (.54kg)

For full ODM TTK 650 product specifications, please click here: ODM TTK 650
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