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2A22 - JDSU ONX-620 One Expert Tester ONX-CATV-D3

Viavi ONX-620 OneExpert CATV Docsis 3.1 Tester Mainframe w/
Viavi OneExpert ONX-CATV-D31-42-85-1G CATV Module

Installed Options:
- IPx Package
- ONX Bluetooth SW Opt
- ONX Docsis 3.1 OFDM
- ONX Docsis 32x8 Bonding
- ONX Mobile SW Opt
- TSx Package

Includes Carrying Case & Accessories As Listed


Viavi ONX-620 ONX-CATV-D3 OneExpert Docsis 3.1 CATV Tester ONX620 OneExpert Docsis 3.1 CATV Tester Models On Sale Warranty Calibration Backed by The Best Service and Lowest Prices in the Industry.

BC# 27749-L/T* 27748-L/T*

Price: $2,995.00 / Each

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Condition Refurbished / Calibrated
  • Viavi ONX-620 OneExpert CATV Tester Mainframe w/ Options (BC# 27749-L/T*)
    • IPx Package
    • ONX Bluetooth SW Opt
    • ONX Docsis 3.1 OFDM
    • ONX Docsis 32x8 Bonding
    • ONX Mobile SW Opt
    • TSx Package
  • Viavi OneExpert ONX-CATV-D31-42-85-1G CATV Module (BC# 27748-L/T*)
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Coax Cable
  • AC Adapter/Charger
  • Power Cord
  • User Manual On Cd-ROM
  • Carrying Case (G)
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Viavi ONX-620 One Expert Tester
OneExpert CATV (ONX-610/620) helps field technicians fix problems right—the first time. A technician-friendly interface and OneCheck™ automated tests ease complex tasks with a simple dashboard that shows clear, pass/fail results. And, its future-proof modularity ensures years of use supporting CATV and home networks.

Comprehensive Tools Increase Productivity
We built expertise into OneExpert so that technicians at any skill level can quickly optimize performance. With a modular platform that adapts easily to rapidly changing technologies, OneExpert CATV is:
  • Simple — Auto channel identification eliminates channel plan build, maintenance, and deployment overhead and enables automated testing without the potential for channel plan related test failures
  • Fast — OneCheck™ uses powerful processing and exceptional speed to make more complete testing practical: a tech can run a comprehensive test, including MER and BER on all channels, in about a minute
  • Powerful — More intelligent, powerful algorithms running in the background while testing enables the meter to point out any problems and suggest next troubleshooting steps
High-Powered Simplicity Turns Every Technician into an Expert
With OneExpert, expertise is built-in. We took decades of testing experience and incorporated that knowledge in a way that makes every technician an expert with the simple press of a button. OneExpert simplifies a technician’s decision-making process by focusing on three primary tests:
  • OneCheck comprehensive and automated testing of Ingress, Downstream and DOCSIS with Session Expert™ to help resolve problems
  • DOCSISCheck real-time analysis and powerful troubleshooting of upstream and downstream DOCSIS carriers and data services
  • ChannelCheck real-time analysis and powerful troubleshooting of downstream carriers
Additional OneExpert test capabilities ensure technicians master any QAM, PON/RFOG, IP video, business-service, or home-network challenge. Its future-proof design adapts easily to rapidly changing technologies, assuring low total-cost-of-ownership

To simplify the testing process and day-to-day maintenance, the AutoChannel feature automatically identifies and instantly builds correct channel plans for testing QAM, DOCSIS, and analog services. It eliminates the need for managers and supervisors to pre-build and configure the meter before a technician can use the instrument. It also eliminates the need for the technician to choose the correct channel plan for the part of the system that they are working on, saving time and reducing improper testing.

Home environments typically require testing ingress on the upstream, downstream carrier quality, and DOCSIS performance.

OneCheck is a fast and comprehensive test at three demarcation points: the tap, ground block, and CPE. Initiating the test is simple. The technician chooses the test location, enters the current job or work order, and starts the test.

A Simple Dashboard and Drill-Down Details
The dashboard displays all critical parameters including worst carrier MER, maximum transmit level, and in-channel frequency response (ICFR) of upstream carriers. Progress bars indicate status and immediately show if tests are passing or failing. For drill-down details, tapping a panel such as downstream or DOCSIS displays all carrier line-test details for quick problem identification.

To help ensure that technicians properly connect their instruments and take valid ingress and downstream scans, OneExpert uses Viavi’s exclusive DuoPort design with PosiScan. With DuoPort, one port scans ingress from the house while another port simultaneously tests downstream services. PosiScan increases compliance by making sure that a technician is properly connected to a unique home for each job before testing. This can dramatically reduce rework metrics by helping ensure that the technician scans the proper ingress.

During any specific test, OneExpert simultaneously performs a powerful suite of additional tests in the background. By simply swiping through results, technicians can evaluate system wide performance including MER and BER across all channels, DOCSIS results (showing individual channel details), SmartScan results, and off-air ingress such as LTE carriers that are infiltrating the plant and causing problems.

Session Expert
Troubleshooting between demarcation points made easier
Session Expert is test location aware (tap, ground block, CPE) to help guide technicians to problems and ease troubleshooting between demarcation points. Built-in intelligence reduces learning time and helps resolve problems with less escalation or supervisor input.

Session Expert Details
Session Expert leverages additional expertise and processing power to provide the technician with tools to help divide and conquer problems between the TAP, GB and CPE. Background measurements like PosiScan are used to verify drop integrity.

OneExpert simplifies DOCSIS service troubleshooting with automatic downstream DOCSIS channel identification and up to 32x8 bonded system operation. OneExpert harnesses parallel processing to provide multiple test results to the technician through a single interface. The user can simply swipe through the results to identify and eliminate physical layer and data layer problems.

DOCSIS 3.1 Testing
With OneExpert, DOCSIS 3.1 testing is very intuitive. DOCSIS Check automatically identifies and locks on the 32 bonded QAM signals and the OFDM signal, so operation and results analysis is very similar to DOCSIS 3.0. Testing only the physical layer is inadequate to effectively analyze DOCSIS 3.1 performance. OneExpert uses a DOCSIS 3.1 chip set to test the service layer, enabling IP-related tests including throughput, codeword errors, and profile analysis.

When problems arise that require live, real-time troubleshooting, ChannelCheck provides a powerful suite of tests that help track down tough intermittent issues without requiring a technician to have years of field experience. ChannelCheck automatically performs an extensive set of measurements and analysis to help technicians quickly identify the root cause, if the problem is something they should fix, or if it requires escalation.

IP Data — Web and Speed Testing
Internet subscribers demand reliable connectivity and new applications require higher data throughput and network-delay time performance. OneExpert quickly tests internet connectivity using a built-in web browser. It tests data rates provided by DOCSIS with HTTP throughput for TCP/IP applications. Mature tests like IP ping delay are essential for real–time applications such as online gaming

Mobile App
The OneExpert iOS app speeds testing, letting technicians leave the test set plugged in at one location and run tests remotely from their iPhone or iPad.

Wireless devices and networks are increasingly common in households. With WiFi Scan, technicians have wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) testing capability to view signal strength, secure set identification (SSID), configured channel, security, MAC address, and 802.11 protocol at the test location of each wireless network in the area. It also indicates whether a network is secure or vulnerable to security threats.

WiFi Advisor
With support for the WiFi Advisor accessory on the OneExpert, technicians can evaluate wireless network performance seamlessly for both 2.4 and 5 GHz networks. With support for 802.11 standards a/b/g/n and ac, the ONX and WiFi Advisor combination make WiFi problem solving easier.

Using a single WFED-300AC device, users can quickly visualize, optimize, and troubleshoot WiFi networks with BSSID, Channel, and Spectral views. BSSID view provides quick visibility into active wireless networks and identifies the least-crowded channel to use for an access point. Channel view finds the best channels for an access point byshowing utilization, noise, co-channel interferers, adjacent channel interferers, and an overall channel score for each channel. Spectral view shows damaging RF interference with a real-time spectral analyzer configurable by 802.11 band, channel, and channel width.

Consolidate Your Test Investment
WiFi Advisor is fully integrated with the OneExpert broadband to the home test platform. This power combination allows you to test fiber, cable and the home WiFi network. The flexible Viavi platform architecture helps customers maximize their overall investment in broadband to the home test tools. There are two ways you can consolidate your toolset and minimize both OpEx and CapEx:
  • Control a single WiFi Advisor from OneExpert to do BSSID, Spectral, and Channel View testing—this lets you avoid purchasing a separate tablet device to host the WiFi Advisor application and reports because OneExpert hosts it
  • Conduct two-ended testing with a single WiFi Advisor, a tablet, and OneExpert—this eliminates the need for two WFEDs
Broadband CATV networks and broadband triple-play services often rely on fiber networks. For point-to-point fiber installations such as FTTC or business connections, field technicians can use the OneExpert CATV together with the Viavi MP-60 or MP-80 USB optical power meter (OPM) to ensure that fiber cable attenuation meets system requirement performance and is ready to survive network aging and environmental impacts. In combination with a Viavi SmartPocket optical laser source (OLS), the OneExpert CATV equipped with an MP-60 or MP-80 OPM can automatically perform optical link loss measurement at different wavelengths—resulting in a faster and more comprehensive fiber test.

Using the P5000i optical fiber scope, technicians can test the #1 cause for troubleshooting in optical networks—contaminated fiber connectors. The P5000i provides pass/fail analysis based on userselectable acceptance profiles.

Broadband IP networks and their throughput speeds are nondeterministic and their behavior is unpredictable. OneExpert CATV with TrueSpeed provides a standardized RFC-6349 speed test to measure the throughput at the TCP application layer just as a user would experience it. Other methods, such as FTP upload/download, cannot accurately test ultra-fast broadband rates.

The OneExpert CATV is the ideal test tool to quickly place VoIP calls and verify QoS via mean opinion score (MOS) values. An Ethernet interface tests VoIP anywhere in the access network, replacing the VoIP phone. The OneExpert also includes an Auto Answer mode in which the unit automatically responds to an incoming call. Viavi provides a wide range voice decoding controls such as G.711, G.722, G.723, G.726, and G.729.

IP Video
OneExpert CATV can test multiple standard and high-definition television (SDTV/HDTV) streams regardless of compression format (MPEG-2, MPEG-4p10/H.264, VC-1, and others) and automatically detects the stream type with the Broadcast Auto feature. The OneExpert CATV IP Video application allows for termination of the IP video stream anywhere in the access network using the Ethernet interface.

Design Features
With the advent of cloud-based applications, touch-screen interfaces, and always-on, always-connected smartphones and tablets, instrument users have high expectations not only for usability, but also for seamless integration between their devices and the back office. OneExpert design takes all this into consideration to provide a test platform that helps technicians perform more efficiently and fix problems faster. It lets service providers invest in a long-term, open platform.

Upgradeable and Expandable
OneExpert accommodates continually evolving technologies. It includes a field-exchangeable module that offers a fast and simple way to manage, calibrate, and upgrade the RF/DOCSIS portion of the test unit. By simply removing six screws, the RF/DOCSIS portion can be sent for calibration, swapped out for a next-generation DOCSIS standard, or repaired/replaced for a lower total-cost-of-ownership. Each DOCSIS/RF application module is individually calibrated without the mainframe. This lets operators swap, replace, or calibrate the important measurement section without sending back the entire unit

Add-On Module Capable
In addition to the RF/DOCSIS application set, OneExpert works with add-on modules. This enables adding technologies in the future such as business-class Ethernet with Y.1564 and RFC.2544 with T1/PRI or OTDR modules. This flexibility addresses the needs of a diverse and ever-changing workforce.

Keeping track of test equipment inventory is typically a challenge for field operation groups. Asset management includes types of instruments, firmware versions, options, and automated test configurations that match standardized methods and procedures. The challenge increases every time a change occurs. Without a means to efficiently collect and analyze test data, valuable information about network health is missed.

StrataSync is a cloud-based, hosted solution that manages assets, configurations, and test data for Viavi instruments to ensure they are all equipped with the latest software and installed options. It manages inventory, test results, and performance data from anywhere with browser-based ease—improving both technician and instrument efficiency. Operators can then leverage data from the entire network for results analysis and to inform and train the workforce.

Range 4 to 1004 MHz
Accuracy ±10 ppm typical @25°C
Upstream Analysis — Port 2
Ingress spectrum scan 4 – 200 MHz
Sensitivity −45 dBmV
RBW 300 kHz
Min detectable level upstream −55 dBmV
Dynamic range 45 dB
Max input power 55 dBmV, 4 –110 MHz
Accuracy ±2 dB typical at 25°C
Downstream Analysis
AutoChannel plan builder Auto detection of channel parameters (analog/digital, symbols, QAM)
Analog Channel Measurement
Video and audio levels (dual)
Standards NTSC , PAL, SECAM
Min detectable signal −50 dBmV (single channel)
Max detectable signal +60 dBmV (single channel)
Level accuracy ±1.5 dB from −20 dBmV to
+50 dBm V typical at 25°C
±2.0 dB, −20°C to +50°C
RBW 300 kHz
Downstream Digital Channel Analysis
Modulation(s) Q64, Q128, Q256
Annex A, B and C
Annex B symbol rates QAM 64, 5.057 Msym/S
QAM 256, 5.361 Msym/S
Regional demods DVB-C
Full span MER
Ingress under carrier — full span ingress noise trace
Group delay and in-channel response (ICR)
Digital quality index (DQI) over time
Errored/severely errored seconds
Level, measured symbol rate, carrier frequency, modulation, interleaver depth
OFDM Signal Performance Metrics
Level — max, min, average, standard deviation
MER — max, min, average, standard deviation, percentile
MER channel band graph — max, min, avg
Noise — max
Echo — dBc
ICFR — in-carrier frequency response (dB)
Spectrum/IUC — spectrum display, including carrier and ingress under carrier
High-brightness color LCD (800 x 480)
Touch screen Capacitive
Hard key navigation capable
Boot time Approximately 20 sec
For indoor/outdoor use IP 54 light rain (0.5”/hr)
Drop 1 m onto concrete
Temp range Operating: −10 to 50°C
Storage temp: −20 to 60°C
Humidity 10 – 90% RH non-condensing
RF immunity 8.5 V/m (for CATV measurements)
Maximum altitude 4000 m (13,123 ft)

For full Viavi ONX-620 ONX-CATV-D3 product specifications, please click here: Viavi ONX-620 ONX-CATV-D3
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