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3W05 - Westover FBP FiberChek FiberScope FBPP-USB1 USB

Westover FBP FiberChek Probe Microscope w/
Westover USB Analog-To-Digital Converter

Compatible With T-BERD 6000, T-BERD 8000, FST-2802, FST-2310, and other test units with a USB port; Windows®-based PC or laptop

Quickly and easily view, capture,save, and print images of fiber end faces.

Includes Carrying Case & Accessories As Listed!

Westover FBPP-USB1 FBPPUSB1 FiberChek FiberScope Models On Sale Warranty Calibration Backed by The Best Service and Lowest Prices in the Industry.

BC# 15843M

Regular Price:$1,495.00 / Each
Sale Price:$897.00 / Each

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Condition Refurbished
  • Westover FBP FiberChek Probe (BC# 15843M)
  • Westover USB Analog-To-Digital Converter P/N: ZP-EMD-90036
  • User Manual on Cd-ROM
  • Carrying Case
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FBPP-USB1 Digital Converter And Probe Kit

Key Features:
  • View clear fiber end face images quickly and easily for detailed visual inspection of contamination
  • Compact design for efficiency and portability with easy one-hand operation
  • FBP probe is compatible with over 250 FBPT precision tips and adapters to inspect every connector and application
  • Use FiberChek? softwarewith a PC/laptop for one-button capture and analysis of fiber end faces

  • Usewith JDSU test platforms or PC/laptop via a USB connection to visually inspect fiber end faces
  • Quickly and easily inspect both bulkhead (female) and patch cord (male)sides of fiber interconnects
  • Promote proper fiber handling workflow and practice

The USB 1.1 converteris an upgrade kit for use with FBP-series probes and includes the basic FiberChek software.  It lets users quickly and easily view, capture,save, and print images of fiber end faces. It features an image capture button to conveniently and instantly capture fiber end face images on screen.

FBP Video Probe Microscope

The FBP video probe microscope, in single or dual-magnification (200/400X), isthe essential inspection tool for use with JDSU test platforms. The key components of the probe include an integrated lightsource, a 1/3-inch complimentary metal oxide semiconductor(CMOS) video camera, a focusing mechanism, and an optional image capture button.  It is powered through the universal serial bus (USB) port and utilizes a blue coaxial light emitting diode (LED) light source with an advanced camera system to produce a high resolution fiber end face image. It fits and operates comfortably and easily in-hand, letting users inspect hard-to-reach connectors that are installed on the backside of patch panels or inside optical devices. The focus control is conveniently located on the probe to easily adjust the focus of the fiberimage,while the optional dual-magnification control lets users quickly change between high- and low-magnification views.

Analog-to-Digital Overview
The FBP probe microscope connects to the JDSU optical test platforms or to a PC/ laptop via a USB digital converter. Simply connect the FBP probe to the module and plug theUSB connection in an open USB port.  The USB module , like the probe,offers an optional QuickCapture? button to instantly capture thefiber endface imageonthe display.  For use with a PC/laptop, a fiber analysis program (FiberChek) is included on a CD and requires software/hardware installation. No additional software is needed to interface with these JDSU test platforms: T-BERD, MTS, or TestPad.

TheUSB analog-to-digital converter is available in either a 4-pin or 6-pin configuration. The FBPP-USB3 connects to a standard 4-pin FBP probe, while the FBPP-USB1 model connects to a 6-pin FBP probe equipped with an integrated QuickCapture? button used to instantly capture fiber end face images.

USB Converter Specifications
Dimensions  150 x 580 x 180 mm (5.9 x 22.8 x 7.1 in) with 3-ft USB cable
Weight  80 g (2.8 oz)
Power  5V, 500mA from USB port
USB type  USB 1.1
Compatible test platform/devices T-BERD 6000, T-BERD 8000, FST-2802, FST-2310, and other test units
with a USB port; Windows®-based PC or laptop

For full Westover FBPP-USB1 product specifications, please click here: Westover FBPP-USB1
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