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Fluke DSL / T1 / Copper / TDR

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Fluke Networks 990DSL, 990DSL II DSL T1 Copper TDR

990DSL, 990DSL II DSL T1 Copper TDR
Fluke Networks 990DSL Offers a broad range of Plain Old Telephone Services (POTS) troubleshooting, fault location and line qualification capabilities.
CopperPro Series II provides a full range of troubleshooting, fault locating, testing and qualification capabilities. That means top performance with fewer tools to carry.
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Fluke Networks SpotCheck DSL T1 Copper TDR

SpotCheck DSL T1 Copper TDR
The SpotCheck ADSL Presence Tester is a basic go/no-go ADSL modem verification unit.  
The unit is optimized for use by telephone company central office technicians to verify their ADSL wiring and turn-up has been completed successfully. It verifies the ADSL line is provisioned and physically configured correctly. Installation and maintenance technicians can also use the unit at a customer premise to check for ADSL presence.

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