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Fluke Networks LAN Cable Certifiers

Sub Categories
Click here to go to "Fluke DSP Cable Analyzer" 
Fluke DSP CableAnalyzer Series digital cable tester certifiers
Click here to go to "Fluke DTX CableAnalyzer" 
Fluke Networks DTX-LT, DTX-1200 and the Fluke DTX-1800 Cable Analyzers

DTX CableAnalyzer Series – a platform for growth
Cable tester that can completely certify Copper and Fiber cabling.

The DTX platform offers Cat6 certification and optional on-board fiber modules for Basic (Tier 1) fiber certification and the DTX Compact OTDR module for Extended (Tier 2) certification. Fluke Networks DTX-MFM MM / DTX-SFM SM Fiber Modules and DTX OTDR Module to accelerate testing through exclusive technology and an easy-to-use interface.
Click here to go to "OMNIScanner 1, 2, LT" 
Fluke Microtest Omniscanner CableAnalyzer- digital cable tester certifiers
Click here to go to "Microtest PentaScanner" 
Fluke Microtest Pentascanner Cable Certifiers Scanners Cat5 Cable testers
Click here to go to "Fluke DSX Cable Analyzer" 

Fluke DSX Cable Tester Analyzer Certifiers

Click here to go to "TFS" 

Fluke TFS Certifiers

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